Dunwell Haberman, a second tender of 11.7 million euros

Dunwell Haberman, a second tender of 11.7 million euros

 The US company Dunwell Haberman operating in Albania has not just won the race for building a part of the New Ring in Tirana, for 18m euros without VAT, but on October 31 of this year, is declared the winner of another tender, this time for the construction of a part of the 220 Kv line Burrel-Peshkopi, for a value of about 11.7 million euros.

Presented in Albania only by July of this year, through its branch DH Albania, surprisingly, the company manages to secure two major contracts, with a total value of nearly 30 million euros. And all this, only through a 26-year-old man - Avdjol Dobi - as official representative in Albania, who, from Vlora, where he had an open business venture in 2016, came and got office in Tirana, where is settled recently after winning the bids in one of Tirana's most luxurious buildings on the 14th floor of the ABA Business Center in the center of the capital. And it is just as surprising that such a venture based on forgery could be realized without a guarantee and nobody would dig on its real activity.

As well as in the case of the New Ring race, the company turns out to have used counterfeit documents again. The Director of the Transmission System Operator (OST), Klodian Gradeci, told the Voice of America that immediately after the show "Të paekspozuarit" in News 24, he requested the verification at the US authorities, revealing among other things that the Apostle Stamp Used for all documents, including licenses, is forged. Mr. Gradeci explained that he had terminated the contract with DH Albania and that he had also made a referral to the Prosecution. The OST announced immediately the new race for the Burrel-Peshkopi line.

Minister Damian Gjiknuri said two days ago that he expected a prompt response from US authorities for official data while the work was suspended pending the response. According to the minister, "if it turns out that the documents presented in the contest are not authentic, its financial guarantee will be sequestered and the case will refer to the justice bodies". The value of the guarantee, according to the ministry, amounts to approximately 2.2 million euros.

Dunwell Haberman has been registered in the Delaware State. The show "Të paekspozuarit" revealed, after co-operation with the Delaware State authorities, that the company was founded in June 2018 and not 20 years ago as said in Albania, as well as the fact of falsifying a number of other documents. While the State Secretary's Office in Delaware confirmed to Voice of America that has begun investigating whether Dunwell Haberman, or any of its officials, is involved in illegal activities, fraud or forgery.
Dunwell Haberman, a second tender of 11.7 million euros Dunwell Haberman, a second tender of 11.7 million euros Monday, December 10, 2018 Rating: 5
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