Domestic products of Kosovo increased after 100% tax on Serbia

 Days ago the Government of Kosovo has increased the tax on Serbian and Bosnian goods from 10% to 100%. This move came as a result of Serbia's continued lobbying against Kosovo, and especially after Kosovo failed to be member of Interpol.

The Executive Director of the Kosovo Manufacturers Club, Astrit Panxha, said that by imposing a 100% tax on Serbian and Bosnian products, new conditions have been created in the Kosovar market, focusing on local products.
Domestic products of Kosovo increased after 100% tax on Serbia
"The Kosovo Producers Club has supported the measures taken by the Kosovo Government towards Bosnia and Serbia and we believe that there are economic reasons other than political ones to undertake these measures because Kosovo producers are not treated the same as being handled by Bosnian or Serbian producers in Kosovo," Panxha said in an interview to Online Economy.

"We have tried to export in those two countries, we have had many difficulties, now we believe that in the Kosovo market are created new conditions where the vacuum created by the lack of Serbian products can be covered by local products."

"We cannot cover more grain, but with other products we can do it. We believe that the second and third replacement will be added to our factories. But we must always look at other alternatives," he said.

He said the effect of this tax can be felt at end-of-year holidays, as there are still stocks of products from the two countries on the market.

"The effect cannot be noticed because there are many stocks of Serbian products that are not consumed yet, I believe that if these measures continue, especially during holidays where the consumption of products is too high then we will also have the first effects," Panxha added.

Frutex's company owner, Shaqir Palushi, said that with the introduction of 100% by the Government, the consumption of local products has increased, as well as consumers' awareness of consuming local products.

"The last measure taken by the Government for the tax on products from Serbia has had a positive impact because the consumption of products produced in Kosovo is increasing and I think the culture and consumer awareness of the importance and weight of manufactured products in Kosovo ".

"For our products Serbia has not been a competitor, but still this tax has an impact on raising citizens' awareness for the consumption of products produced in Kosovo..., we expect greater growth in exports. "

"I think Serbia's so big import from a country that has done so much and continues to do against Kosovo I think it deserves such a move because has consistently lobbied and negatively affected the Kosovo issue," Palushi said.

Astrit Berisha, the owner of the company "Plastika", said it would give positive results in favor of domestic production, and urged producers not to raise the prices.

"This measure is set a few days ago...certainly be reflected and will yield positive results in favor of domestic production. I think is a good measure, but the best measure would be consumers, they should support domestic production and support the products of our friends."

Despite the reactions from Belgrade, even threatening to interrupt the dialogue, Ramush Haradinaj continues to repeat that this tax will last until Serbia recognizes Kosovo.
Domestic products of Kosovo increased after 100% tax on Serbia Domestic products of Kosovo increased after 100% tax on Serbia Sunday, December 02, 2018 Rating: 5
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