Albania, among the countries with the highest deaths of car accidents of Europe

 The roads in Albania kill more than any other country in Europe, along with Bosnia and the former Soviet Union countries.

The World Health Organization has published data on deaths in road accidents per 100,000 inhabitants. With 13.7 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants, Albania is ranked among the countries with the highest level of accidents in Europe. 

Albania, among the countries with the highest deaths  of car accidents of Europe

The report states that Russia has the deadliest roads in Europe, with 18 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. Armenia with 17.1, Bosnia and Herzegovina with 15.7, Gjerogia with 15.3 and Albania and Ukrania with 13.7.

Norway and Switzerland, respectively with 2.7 and 2.8, have the safest roads to travel in Europe. Road users in these countries are 5 times less likely to be killed in a road accident than in Albania and 7 times less than in Russia. The worst record in the world is Africa with 26.6 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants, followed by Southeast Asia with 20.7, according to the graphs published by Euronew and belong to 2016. 

Accidents in Albania due to the drivers

According to the latest INSTAT data, in December 2018, in 19.2% of the cases of road accidents occurred as a result of pedestrian behavior, while more than 80% due to drivers. For the period January-October 2018 there were in total 168 deaths from accidents,  10.7% less if compared to the same period of the previous year. The biggest deaths are in males, but this year there has been an increase in females (from 28 to 33) and a decrease in males (from 158 to 138). 

In the world, according to WHO, 4-wheel motorists and passengers were the most vulnerable, accounting for 48% of road traffic deaths in 2016. Pedestrians are in second place, while bicycle users are the safest with only 5% of reported deaths.

In Albania, according to WHO data, in 2016, 24% of the deaths were by 4-wheeled vehicle passengers and 16% of their drivers. Pedestrian deaths accounted for 39%, and cyclists 8%.
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