Tirana may be the European Capital of Culture 2024

  In 2024 Tirana could be the European Capital of Culture. The Municipality of Tirana launched its candidacy for being the Europe's Culture Center. The news comes from mayor Erion Veliaj after attending the first European Capitals of Culture in Florence, where local leaders, experts and renowned art representatives discussed the role of culture in the economic development of cities.

"Albania has applied to be a candidate in 2024, so we have used this excellent opportunity of all European capitals of culture in the past to lobby for our candidacy. Thanks to the contribution of our friend, Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence, our twin city, I believe that Albania has very good opportunities, as there will be the support of these cities in the preparation of its candidacy for 2024," he stressed.

"Considering Tirana's candidacy a great opportunity for the capital, Veliaj expressed his conviction that thanks to the preparations that have already begun we will have another success story. "

Like all the cities that are running for hosting the Olympic Games, the World Football Championship or various activities, the preparations start years ahead. Therefore, we are starting the preparations 4-5 years ahead, since we have the infrastructure and the necessary budget, plus the assistance from the European Commission, I believe we will produce another success story for our Tirana," said Veliaj.

Mayor Veliaj underlined that the Municipality of Tirana, in cooperation with the government, paid special attention to art and culture, multiplying the budget set at its disposal.

  "The culture today is not just art and theater. The culture today is business, tourism, brings economy. Therefore, I am very happy that Tirana is preparing this candidacy. Today, as we prepare for the New Theater, as we have Turbine, House of Leaves, we have opened many museums, multiplied the budget for art and culture, both from the central government and from the local municipality, I believe our candidacy has a great chance to be successful," Veliaj said.
Tirana may be the European Capital of Culture 2024 Tirana may be the European Capital of Culture 2024 Tuesday, November 06, 2018 Rating: 5
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