Theodoros Pangalos supports the killing of Kacifas by Albanian Police

 Far from the nationalist approach, comes the reaction of the former Greek Foreign Minister Theodoros Pangalos's over Kostandinos Kacifas's killing on Sunday in the village of Bularat in Gjirokastra during a shootout with Albanian special forces (RENEA).

The former Greek chief is on the side of the Albanian police, where in an interview for "Skai" television, the former minister said that anyone who shoots the police should be killed. And for this he brought the example of the police of the Scandinavian countries and the United States of America.

Greece's former Foreign Minister also rejected claims that the 35-year-old Kacifas was provoked by police relating to the Greek flag, saying that this is not true, as he said that saw in the village of Bularat photographs of Greek flags set also in the national feast of Greece on March 25 and October 28, and this is excessive according to Pangalos.

The full part of the interview:

Former Minister: With all of our neighboring countries, we should be allies and we must remove all these issues ... no answer was given to a question (regarding Konstantinos Cacifa's case), the young man went to set the flag have found online photos of Bularat and Deviçan, the two villages in Dropull, where there is a Greek minority, where on Greek official holidays their streets are filled with the white and blue flag colors of the Greek flag, decorated with so many flags.

Journalists: Mr. Minister thank you, we have to close ...

Former Minister: No, you can not close it as soon as I start answering your question

Journalists: No, Mr. Minister, is a matter of time

Former Minister: I had to wait for 30 minutes until I was in the interview ... So I was saying of why he wanted to set the flag, why did someone from Greece had to go there to set the flag, having in mind that there are generous people (Greek Minorities) and set the flag itself. And the second: did he had or did not had a gun? Can you answer me for that?

Reporters: He had a gun as we saw him from the video ...

Former Minister: So I think that every gunman is killed directly by police, as happens in other parts of the world, I do not know whether you agree with the "bandits" that throw molotov or ... because I'm against it!

Journalists: No, certainly not Mr. Minister.
Theodoros Pangalos supports the killing of Kacifas by Albanian Police Theodoros Pangalos supports the killing of Kacifas by Albanian Police Thursday, November 01, 2018 Rating: 5
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