Protests, German ambassador: Albanian Opposition must return to Parliament

 The German Ambassador in Tirana, Susanne Schütz asked about the protests of the opposition on the streets while on a visit in Korça said that right-wing MPs should return to parliament.

"We are of the opinion that democracy needs an opposition but for this opposition the country is in parliament and I appeal to the opposition to return to parliament because there are many laws to be adopted as electoral code reforms, for which is also needed the opposition vote," she said.

Protests, German ambassador: Albanian Opposition must return to Parliament

Asked about yesterday's statement by the Prime Minister in Kosovo, Susanne Shutz said that "We as Germany have said that six Western Balkan states have a prospect for EU membership, this applies to Kosovo and Serbia, but it is important that these two countries make progress to normalize their dialogue and in this context I hope that the differences between these two countries will be met. The German federal government and the German Chancellor himself have said that a change of boundaries would lead to a solution.

As for the likelihood of Albania's negotiations with Europe, Schutz said the country has a prospect of membership and we hope that this will be achieved next year. 

"Albania has made a lot of progress on this path, but there are many more to do in the fight against organized crime and corruption, there should be further developments and priorities in these areas," she said.
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