Over 80 Albanians disappeared without trace in Vlora according Prosecution

Over 80 Albanians disappeared without trace in Vlora according Prosecution

 Kidnappings in the city of Vlora, sea pirates and terrible murders.

Through exclusive testimonies and Prosecution documents, Top Story broke out a series of kidnappings committed due to clashes in drug trafficking in the city of Vlora.

Also Top Story provided the official statistics of missing persons in the city of Vlora for drug trafficking.

"It turns out that the number of people reported missing, lost, by family members ... from 2015 to date goes to about 80", says the prosecutor Flora Çela.

From denunciations of family members, law enforcement bodies have identified only four cases of the existence of criminal offenses, that of narcotics trafficking and kidnapping.

"Two cases are currently under investigation, because it is suspected of being a criminal offense, while in the other two cases in 2016, 2017. In one case it was suspected of element of the criminal offense of narcotics trafficking, thus the person was linked with this part. Like another criminal case of kidnapping related also with the element of trafficking." says the prosecutor.

Former Police Director, Ahmet Premci: Kidnappings in Vlora; the situation is alarming.

But the former state police director sees the situation as alarming.

"These are difficult cases, including the kidnapping and disappearance of persons, paid killings are two phenomena that in Albania where very sporadic, and if we are dealing with such figures then all the attention should be focused here because it has many heavy consequences and can not be neglected either by police officers or prosecutors, in no case can there be a break from this issue, there can be no disagreement on this issue," said to Top Story Ahmet Premci, former director of State Police.

The cultivation of cannabis throughout the country has brought not only the incrimination of the society but also that of State Police.

"Throughout this story, the state and the law enforcement institutions have somehow cooperated," said Premci.

But the former state police chief is convinced that police incrimination has come because of the connection of the crime with the politics.

"The state police have listed the criminal activity of the entire contingent of the republic in its database, but I think they are ill, because besides the information they have about the criminal contingency, police officers have the information and the links of all criminals of Albania have with those in power, MPs and politics," said Premci.

The political will is the one that motivates the police organization to fight crime.

Premci says the police are unmotivated to fight crime and that the situation is alarming not only in Vlora, but in several cities of Albania.

"The map of these criminal offenses is not only in Vlora, but it is in Shkodra, Elbasan, across the country," said Premçi.

The Vlora Region Police Department refused to explain Top Story the cases reported as lost in the city of Flag.

But for the first time, the State Police published the names of people with high criminal danger and sought the co-operation of citizens in their capture.
Over 80 Albanians disappeared without trace in Vlora according Prosecution Over 80 Albanians disappeared without trace in Vlora according Prosecution Friday, November 30, 2018 Rating: 5
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