Young people consuming marijuana in Kosovo are increasing

Young people consuming marijuana in Kosovo are increasing

 Narcotics and drug users are continuing to pose a challenge to Kosovo Security Institutions. Even more difficult is being considered the ban on drugs distribution in primary and secondary schools. Based on data available the number of drug users varies depending on the type.

Thus, Kosovo Police said in a media clarification that the number of heroin consumers has dropped significantly, as the number of people consuming marijuana has increased.

According to registered police cases, most drug abusers vary from 21 to 35 years old.

Thus, regarding the criminal offense of unauthorized possession, distribution or sale of narcotics, from January to August of this year, a total of 1 392 persons were arrested.

Of 1,338 persons suspected of having committed this criminal offense, 57 of them are women. Over 536 kilograms of marijuana were confiscated during the same period, representing a reduction of approximately 43 kilograms seized during the same period of last year. 
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