Video-catechisms of Catholic Church realised by Albanian director Gjon Kolndrekaj

 There has been a video-catechisms of the Catholic Church in Rome and is conducted by the Albanian director Gjon Kolndrekaj from Peja, Kosovo.

"From the letter to the digital system", a journey through the centuries that made the Christian doctrine today by finding a new synthesis in Catholic Church video-catechisms, a 25-hour cinematic work divided into 46 episodes, which were presented yesterday at Pontifical University Gregoriana. The project was born out of an idea of Don Giuseppe Costa, Salezian, former director of the Vatican Publishing House and also by the director Gjon Kolndrekaj. The video was shot from April 2013, in 4K technology.

Video-catechisms of Catholic Church realised by Albanian director Gjon Kolndreaj

"The catechesis or the teaching of catechism does not enjoy good health during this period. There is, indeed, a need for a new support that reinforces it. Catechesis is a state and an indispensable condition for the Christian to understand himself, to enter in the groove of the tradition, to understand who he is and where are his roots. This work, realized by the Albanian director of Kosovo, Gjon Kolndrekaj, is important because contributes to its originality by bringing to light something new and unheard of." This is what Archbishop Rino Fisichella, the President of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, said on the  video-catechisms of the Catholic Church, who was presented yesterday at the Pontifical Gregoriana University in Rome.

"Catechism - continued Ms Fisichella - summarizes the lesson of what Christians have achieved over two thousand years. Presents the voice of the first great teachers and the fathers of the Church, then presents the voice of the saints. Today culture is changing, it is facing the digital challenge (internet) which is in itself a new culture because it creates a new language and new behaviors.

Religion, as it was at the beginning, today, is at the moment when it is opening in front of a new era. So we have the challenge of the digital language that leads us to the task we have to express and transmit the inheritance we have received.

The work has a connotation of great courage. I confess that at first I was not enthusiastic. The question was: how could one adapt or adapt catechism to a video? But I have to say today we are before an original and unique work. We need to understand how and what will be used, because the real challenge is to reach out to the users, to the destiny. The Congratulations - Fisichella concluded - are that this work can find the right answer and be welcomed."

At the end of the video-catechisms presentation of the Catholic Church, realized by the Albanian director from Kosova, Gjon Kolndrekaj, appeared one of the chapters devoted to the Christian faith, which has among the readers of the texts of the catechists poets, doctors, representatives of associations and a singer.

The Albanian director of Kosovo, Gjon Kolndrekaj, during the realization of this video-work is strictly restrained in the original text contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, knowing that both in the digital field and in a video must be taught and transmitted the catechism of religion, without personal interpretation. The faithfulness to the Church given the context, time and culture.

The structure of catechism, in the video work of Gjon Kolndrekaj, comes from the experience of the catechumenate of the Church of the first centuries, and takes the basic elements that help a person become a Christian.

Even in Rome, just like anywhere in the world, there are many people who have not yet met God: for them - says director Kolndrekaj - the Catholic Catechism video that I have performed addresses to them. For all this - says Gjon Kolndrekaj - it is necessary to have an inner education of the soul. So, video-catechisms is a multi-media television work, realized in five years and in 70 countries, involving about six thousand people.
Video-catechisms of Catholic Church realised by Albanian director Gjon Kolndrekaj Video-catechisms of Catholic Church realised by Albanian director Gjon Kolndrekaj Wednesday, October 31, 2018 Rating: 5
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