The exhibition "I am Albanian" opens in Macedonia

The exhibition "I am Albanian" opens in Macedonia

 An exhibition dedicated to the Albanian diaspora for centuries, titled "I am an Albanian," is being organized by the National History Museum of Albania, the National Gallery of Macedonia and the Institute of Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of Albanians in Macedonia tonight at the facility of the National Gallery of Macedonia. 

The exhibition includes photographic material on Albanian diaspora for centuries. The same exhibition was previously presented in the Albanian capital, Tirana as well as in that Kosovo, Pristina.

Macedonia's Minister of Culture, Asaf Ademi, was also present at the opening of the exhibition, which emphasized that Macedonian Albanians are not lacking in this exhibition featuring Albanian emigrants who have contributed to the good of the Albanian people.
The exhibition "I am Albanian" opens in Macedonia
"This exhibition, among other things, is also an acknowledgment for the contribution of the Albanian Diaspora of Macedonia. Among many great names I want to distinguish the two only Albanian noblemen, at least untill now, Mother Teresa from Skopje and Ferid Murat from Gostivar, which are proof that Macedonian Albanians do not get stuck in the contribution of the call "I am Albanian" , but they are also ahead," Minister Asafi said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Macedonian Spiritual and Cultural Heritage Institute of Macedonia, Skender Asani, said that all these good things the Albanian people have today and, as he said, in all fields of life, is exactly because of the Albanian Diaspora.

"Without the Albanian Diaspora we would not have existed in these lands, which were always aimed at getting someone else to do a completely different story and thanks to this diaspora we are here," Asani said.
The exhibition "I am Albanian" opens in Macedonia The exhibition "I am Albanian" opens in Macedonia Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Rating: 5
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