Seselj wants a units of 1,000 Serbian soldiers and police ready to enter Kosovo

 Serbian Radical Party (SRS) leader Vojislav Seselj said today that Serbia should have almost always ready military personnel of nearly 1,000 persons in the future to be ready to enter Kosovo's territory in the upcoming crisis.

In his speech at the Serbian Parliament, Seselj said there was no longer any sense that every time Albanians provoke a crisis, Serbia raises the readiness of the army and the police, but it is necessary for a unit to always be ready to 'returning to Kosovo,' as it is envisaged by Resolution 1244. '

"If reinforcements need to be made, reinforcements will come in. If you need an air force, the air force will enter," he said, adding that Russia has repeatedly guaranteed not to leave Serbia in the mud, and that similar guarantees come from China.
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