Serious Crimes Court gives 17 years prison to Emiliano Shullazi

Serious Crimes Court give 17 prison to Emiliano Shullazi

 The Prosecution of Serious Crimes gave today the pretense to Emiliano Shullaz's group. Specifically, the Prosecution requested 17 years in prison for Emiliano Shullazin; 15 years for Gilmandon Dani; 11 years for Endrit Qyqa and Endrit Zela; 10 years for Blerim Shullazi.

Emiliano Shullazi was in custody and probably had not been awake yet, when early in the morning police surrounded the Serious Crimes Court. Although he, along with the other accused, had informed the authorities that they would not be present at trial, the police had taken seriously the guarding of the glass building.

The court is awakened under robust security measures. The main axes connecting the court are checked and, in addition to the police forces, there were also agents of crime.

The increased presence of special forces, even a sniper, makes you suspect that the State Police with these measures is showing the muscles to Emiliano Shullazit. And these measures can also be a support for the prosecution, which is torn apart at a very important moment, such as pretense to the man accused of leading a structured criminal group.

In the conditions when the suspects were in the cell and there were no indications that they could escape while being transported to the court or that someone might threaten others, Top Channel was interested in the causes of the measures plan undertaken for the second time within a few weeks. But no answer was given, except the explanation that all this is routine.

And after the prosecution's problems of finding a prosecutor for the "Shullazi" file, this process will turn into a nerve war between the prosecution and the lawyers.

4 prosecutors, who are also chiefs of the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office, went down in the hall to declare the claim on September 25 failed again. As unexpectedly got ill the former prosecutor of the file Eneid Nakuci. Also the defendants Blerim Shullazi and Endri Cyqa have health problems.

Both of them had submitted a statement alleging lack of health reasons. Even Blerim Shullazi had a lawyer with such problems.

The prosecutors, albeit armored, faced an empty cage and the lawyers of the 3 other defendants, Emiliano Shullazi, Endri Zela and Gilmando Dani. Under these conditions, the court postponed the hearing on October a2 nd finally after a series of adjournments the indictment has given its verdict.
Serious Crimes Court gives 17 years prison to Emiliano Shullazi Serious Crimes Court gives 17 years prison to Emiliano Shullazi Tuesday, October 02, 2018 Rating: 5
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