Monaco Prince Albert II in Tirana for first time

Monaco Prince Albert II in Tirana for first time

 The Prince of Monaco Albert II was received with state ceremonies by Albanian President Ilir Meta. Albert II is holding a state visit to our country.

After the welcome ceremonies and the execution of the hymns of both countries, President Meta and Prince Albert II held a head-to-head meeting and then headed the expanded meeting between the two official delegations.

President Meta praised the visit of Prince Albert II in Albania and underlined that in these seven years of diplomatic relations, the cooperation between the Republic of Albania and the Principality of Monaco has developed in a very positive way.

"Prince Albert II's visit is a clear expression his will to further promote and develop these relations," said President Meta.

President Meta expressed gratitude for the support that the foundation of Albert II and the Association for Sustainable Financing of the Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean are giving to the Albanian structures and associations responsible for the protection and promotion of natural resources and protected Albanian marine areas.

Both Heads of State appreciated the commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement, underlining the interest to cooperate closely in this regard.

At the end of the formal talks, in the presence of the two Heads of States, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Foreign Ministers of both countries, by which the parties agree to identify specific areas of cooperation and further promote them.

Also, a financing agreement was signed between the Principality of Monaco Albert II and the Regional Administration of the Protected Areas of Vlora and the Association for the Protection of Natural Resources "Pine Flag".

 We Recall that Prince Albert II comes to Albania invited by the President just one week after Prime Minister Rama declared the closure of bets and the actualy debate about closing bets and casinos near residential centers.

At the meeting attended by the Principality of Monaco, were present: the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Monaco, Sh.T.Z. Gilles Tonelli and the Plenipotentiary Minister and the Managing Director of the Prince Albert II of Monaco, Sh.T.Z. Bernard Fautrier. While on our side were present: Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sh.T. Ditmir Bushati and Minister for Tourism and the Environment, Mr. Blendi Klosi.
Monaco Prince Albert II in Tirana for first time Monaco Prince Albert II in Tirana for first time Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Rating: 5
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