Modern Italian 'Robin Hood' Bank Manager arrested

Modern Italian Robin Hood Bank Manager arrested

 In a period of 7 years, he had put his hands in the bank accounts of wealthy clients with the goal of helping those in need!

Without the knowledge of the bank offering savings accounts, he stole various amounts for a total amount of one million euros.

Because of this illegal practice, the director Gilberto Baschiera of the "Cooperative Bank of Carnia and Gemonese" in Friuli has been fired. Accused of embezzlement and fraud, he pleaded guilty and reached an agreement with the investigators for a conditional sentence of two years of imprisonment.

As Corriere della Sera reports, despite the criminal process and job loss, the 50-year-old bank manager has not been regretted: he acted with the intention of restoring justice, or as the Italian media considers him, as a new Robin Hood.

"I would have given back all the money to those clients. But after my action was revealed, I called all those clients to explain what had pushed me to do that. I always thought that besides managing our customers' savings accounts, our job as bank manager was to help people in need. "

Precisely with these words, he is justified in front of investigators and all the affected persons by his actions.
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