Meet the Army of Kosovo in the Croatian's newspaper reportage

 The largest Croatian newspaper, "Vecernji list", has produced a reportage about the Kosovo Army.

"You see, everything we do is according to NATO standards." With this sentence of the General Brigadier of the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF), Fadil Hadërgjonaj, begins the reportage for the Kosovo Army by the largest Croatian newspaper Vecernji list.

With the title "Exclusive Video Veçernji the first in the preparing of the armed forces of Kosovo,"the Croatian newspaper continues its long report with Hadërgjonaj's statement that "you are honored that you came from Croatia to Istog, in the polygon of the new NATO soldiers, where precisely the preparation of the future Kosovo army begins."

Meet the Army of Kosovo in the Croatian's newspaper reportage
The newspaper further writes about the decision of the Kosovo Parliament to transform the KSF into an army of 5,000 soldiers.

"Kosovo Security Forces have so far had a limited mission. So far, the preservation of Kosovo's sovereignty and integrity is in the hands of KFOR forces, which have 4000 soldiers in this territory. NATO forces here are located for nearly two decades, just after the end of the war in Kosovo," writes further" Večernji list.

Then in the reportage it is said that after the transformation of the security forces into an army, maintaining the integrity and sovereignty of Kosovo will be the task of the Armed Forces of Kosovo.

To get closer to the development of the Kosovo army, the rapid intervention brigade "Wolves" has demonstrated to Croat journalists the capacities it possesses and how ready it is to face the challenges ahead if the integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo is violated.

Croat journalists in Istog were received by Brigadier General Fadil Hadërgjonaj.

"Believe me, you are privileged, since if you were not from Croatia, it would be questionable whether you would enter here or not," said Hadërgjonaj laughing.
Meet the Army of Kosovo in the Croatian's newspaper reportage
Reporters also spoke to the soldier of the brigade, Argjend Lokaj, who told them that many young people want to join the army, but according to him, unfortunately there are not so many capacities at present.

"For us the army is everything, honor, pride, and identity. My parents were members of the KLA, the army that liberated Kosovo, and now our duty is to preserve freedom and independence," said among others Argjend.

This reportage of Croats comes at a time when there are serious objections and speculation in Serbia for the Kosovo Army. With this, the Croatian newspaper once again shows that the biggest ally in the Balkans of Kosovo is Croatia, understandably, after Albania.
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