Elvana Gjata wanted by Police in connection of Tirana's Block Bloodshed

Elvana Gjata wanted by Police in connection of Tirana's Block Bloodshed

 Albanian police declared wanted the Albanin songstress Elvana Gjata.

Elvana is wanted about the murder case that occurred a few days ago in the Bllok area in Tirana.

Albanian media say she left Albania without giving her statement about the event at the BAR Monopol in Tirana, where there was a murder and two injured.

The investigative group has failed to receive the singer's testimony after many attempts, as she has left the country.

Along with the singer Gjata, her boyfriend, Ervin Mata, as well as two of his friends, Fabiol Alushi and Mevjol Bilo, have been announced wanted by the police.

The prosecution clarifies the crime scheme

The prosecution has revealed new details of the gun crash mechanism happened in the block area in Tirana last week. According to the prosecution's file, it is suspected that the incident occurred due to the harassment of singer Elvana Gjata, which on the day of the crime she was in a shop near the "Monopol" where the crime took place.

Her partner Ervin Mataj, who has been in the cafeteria at around 18:30, has gone out and is believed to have met with the singer and then returned to the BAR. It is suspected that at this time he has asked to talk to Ervis Martinaj with the claim that the person who bothered Elvana is his friend.

In the BAR with Ervis Martinaj was also the other wounded, Erion Hati who has begun to debate with the military, Mariol Bilo, who has repeatedly said to him: What are you looking at? "

At this time, Fabiol Gaxha, who, according to the prosecution, is directed toward the military Marviol Bilo and has physically assaulted and even hit him with the gun. Consequently, the pistol has been involuntary shooting and consequently a shell is found on the ceiling of the BAR.

At the moment, Ervis Martinaj, who was nearby, went to separate the physical clashes, but Bilo pulled out the weapon and shot dead Fabiol Gaxha and eight bullets toward Elion Hata.
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