The Companies with the highest revenues in Albania for 2018

 The new 10 largest companies in Albania in 2017. In the ranking the trading companies dominate, while processors are moving more and more towards the end of the list, according to the Monitor magazive.

1. The Electricity Distribution Operator (OSHEE)

For the fourth consecutive year, the Electricity Distribution Operator declared a positive performance, with stable revenues, since it passed under state administration in January 2013.

The revenues from the activity in 2017 were 53.5 billion Leks (about € 404 million), with a 3.3% annual increase, while total operating income (including other revenues, mainly late penalties payment) 60.4 billion ALL).

Due to the extraordinary rise of the import costs, the pre-tax profit dropped from 21.4 in 2016 to 3.4 billion. The 2018 is expected to be the last year of dominance of the distribution operator, as it has already been divided into three distribution, supply and service companies as a legal obligation based on the energy package, but aims also a more efficient management.

2. Kastrati sh.a.

The largest oil import and trading company in the country, Kastrati sh.a. has retained the second place in 2017, as its activity has been shrinking for the third consecutive year. The company reported revenues of 43.1 billion leks (about € 324 million), with a contraction of 2.2% on an annual basis, according to data from its balance sheet.

Luigj Aliaj, a leader in this company, says the turnover in fuel trading companies is not very important, as it is dependent on oil prices. In relation to income, profits remain minimal, to 1.2 billion lek before taxes, with a profitability rate of 2.7%.

3. Spiecapag

Spiecapag, headquartered in France, has won the contract for engineering projects, procurement and construction of a 185-kilometer-long lot in Greece, between Kipoli and Kavala, as well as two Albanian lots (215km in total), from Bilishti in Tropoja, within the TAP pipeline.

In Albania there are two companies, SPIECAPAG - Albania and SPIECAPAG Transadriatica, created in 2016. The construction of pipelines on difficult terrains, with challenging profiles and defined deadlines, are areas of Spiecapag expertise.

SPIECAPAG - Albania climbed to third place in 2017, from ninth a year ago, having revenue growth of 85% to 28 billion, according to data from Taxes (the company had not yet submitted a balance sheet date when "Monitor" checked at the KBC for it).

Another company, SPIECAPAG Transadriatica, which has the goal of building the TAP pipeline line, was ranked 11th, following a triple revenue of 17 billion leks.

Joint Venture Renco Terna - the branch of Albania, is another company that carries out infrastructure work for TAP and has seen a quadruple of revenues in 2017 reaching 3.4 billion leks (72th place).

4. Bankers Petroleum

Bankers Petroleum, the leading oil producer, has the largest oilfield in Europe in concession - Patos Marinza - anddropping this year into fourth place, despite rising revenue in 2017. The company's annual turnover was around 24 billion, with an expansion of about 17%.

The improvement of the oil price hike in the international markets has had a positive impact on Bankers, which continues to declare losses, which for 2017 were reduced to 4 billion leks. The 2017 was the first full year when Bankers was under the control of the Chinese Petroleum Corporation (Geo-Jade), which bought in September 2016 all ordinary shares issued and in circulation by Bankers Petroleum Ltd.

5. Europetrol Durrës Albania

Europetrol Durrës Albania has again moved to the second oil trading operator in the country and has for some years been among the top 10. After the fall of the previous year, the company has dramatically expanded revenues by 44% reaching 21.7 billion leks. The company's profit was only 123 million leks in 2017.

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