Shkodra Mortgage director Zamir Leka is arrested for corruption

Zamir Leka

 The Director of Mortgage in Shkodra, Zamir Leka is arrested. The arrest is made ollowing a Prosecution order, while Leka was charged with corruption. Sources from the prosecution body told journalists that Leka was arrested while at work at the Mortgage Bureau. The police went there arrested the director and send him to the police station.

Zamir Leka was appointed on January 18 this year as director of the Mortgage and after 8 months in that position, police and prosecution arrested him. Along with him is arrested also the citizen Frida Mirashi, mortgage administrator of Shkodra.

Just a few days ago the Prosecution issued a detention order for the citizen Mirjam Bletaj, a former lawyer at Shkodra's Mortgage in recent years, as well as Sokol Tirana, who together with the other citizen Johan Zefi are suspected as the realtors who would receive a thousand euros from the citizens Ndoc Taraj, the latter is the 'owner of an object' that was willing to pay money to accelerate the certificate of ownership.

The Shkodra Court sentenced the former lawyer Mirjam Bletaj and two suspected realtor Sokol Tirana and Johan Zefi, while gave the security mesure to "house arrest" to citizen Ndoc Taraj. Before these arrests in the Shkodra Mortgage, which ended with the arrest of the director Zamir Leka, Justice Minister Etilda Gjonaj warned that soon would start the kick-off of corruptive mortgage cases in Shkodra.

While we remind that the most corruptive cases are in Tirana, but seems that the 'property mafia' is stronger that the government in the Albanian capital.
Shkodra Mortgage director Zamir Leka is arrested for corruption Shkodra Mortgage director Zamir Leka is arrested for corruption Tuesday, September 25, 2018 Rating: 5
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