Preservation of Tetrao Urogallus and Adriatic Species project in Puglia

 The launch of the Adriatic Species and Habitats (LASPEH), co-funded by INTERREG IPA CBC Program, Italy-Albania-Montenegro with about € 500,000 was held on September 27-28 in Ostuni of Puglia, Italy.

The Regional Nature Park Consortium "Coastal Dune from Torre Canne in Torre San Leonardo" is the main beneficiary of this project in cooperation with the Albanian partner (National Agency for Protected Areas), a Montenegrin partner (Public Enterprise of National Parks of Montenegro) and three Italian partners (the Regional Managing Body of the East Coast Coast of Taranto, the Municipality of Ugento and the Guardiaregia Municipality).

The LASPEH project is part of program 3 (Environmental Protection, Risk Management and Low Carbon Strategy), and aims to promote and support the protection of biodiversity by reducing the shrinkage of biological diversity. In other words, LASPEH faces the loss of biodiversity by defining a common strategy for preserving the natural heritage and landscape in the low Adriatic basin.

In Albania the project will operate in the area of Tomor Mountain, Dardhë and Kapinov. Meanwhile, the existing road revitalizes that leads to the place where most of the wild geese is found and a watchtower is set up for tourists to observe this species.

The project will undertake improvements in afforestation of these territories, improving the habitats of an endangered species that grows in this area as the Tetrao Urogallus (wild geese). Although this area is the natural "home" of this rare species, the number of individuals for these 20 years has been greatly reduced, moving towards extinction. With the hunting moratorium imposed by the government, the presence of this species has grown. The project envisions awareness raising and education campaigns with school students and community of the area.

LASPEH will implement some activities as a common regional strategy (Adriatic countries) for better management of priority species in Natura 2000 areas.
The preservation plans for priority species and pilot areas to be adopted at regional level.
Preservation of Tetrao Urogallus and Adriatic Species project in Puglia Preservation of Tetrao Urogallus and Adriatic Species project in Puglia Thursday, September 27, 2018 Rating: 5
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