The Albanians who thrilled the world in 2018 and made us proud

The Albanians who thrilled the world in 2018 and made us proud

  The Albanians have proved over the years that they are talented people and also work hard. Many Albanian characters have become famous in the world because of their talent, the success they have harvested and their hard work in leaving traces everywhere, making us all proud that our veins bleed Albanian.

Compared to other countries, Albania is small in terms of Geography  and has low number of population, but the number of Albanians who have reached the tops in the world is big.

1. Albanian Era Istrefi sang the World Cup hymn 2018

The singer co-operated with two world stars, Will Smith and Nicky Jam, becoming the voice of this year's anthem and is expected to perform at the closing of the Championship held in Russia.

2. The Albanian singer Dua Lipa opened the Champions League ceremony in Kiev, Ukraine.

The singer shone during her performance electrizizing thus the Champions League scene as she sang her famous hits.

3. Both Albanian footballers, Taulant Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri scored the goals of Switzerland's victory over Serbia at Russia 2018 World Cup.

They became the focus of all the world's media, as soon after the goals scored, their two-handed eagle celebration became a problem for Serbs and is proclaimed as a provocation with national symbols, even geting fines for their action.

4. The Albanian footballer Adnan Januzaj scored in Russia 2018 World Cup a spectacular goal for the team of Belgium.

He scored in the 51st minute winner goal against the England.

5. Albanian footballer Blerim Xhemaili scored a goal for Switzerland at World Cup against Costa Rica

Xhemaili scored the first goal for the team in the 31st minute. So far, the Albanians have scored 4 goals in the World Cup.

6. The Albanian singer Ermal Meta won first place at the Sanremo festival in Italy.

The singer participated with the song 'You did not do anything', thus was declared the winner and competed representing Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest.

7. For the first time at the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Lisbon, was attended by 3 Albanians.

Eugen Bushpepa represented Albania with the song 'Mall', receiving countless ratings not only from the Albanian public but also from foreign fans.

Ermal Meta represented Italy with the song 'You have done nothinf to me', shining on the stage of Portugal.

The Albanian singer Eleni Foureira represented Cyprus at Eurovision and was rated as one of the best, is ranked second after Israel.

8. Albanian makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, known as Kim Kardashian's famous make-up, this year brought the line of eye palettes in collaboration with Kim, putting Albanian names to the colors. One of the shades of eyes to be traded all over the world is called 'Albanian'.

On May 26, Mario held a giant event with 2000 people at the Palace of Congresses in Tirana, under the auspices of the Ami Event. 40% of the participants were foreign, who came with the purpose to attend the famous masterclass event.

9. Albanian violinist Olen Çezari performs atop the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro

 The artist performed with the violin the famous Ave Maria song at the top of the statue of Christ from were you can see the famous city of Rio de Janeiro.
The Albanians who thrilled the world in 2018 and made us proud The Albanians who thrilled the world in 2018 and made us proud Sunday, July 01, 2018 Rating: 5
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