Gentiana Lutea, the ancient Illyrian cure for perfect health

Gentiana Lutea, the ancient Illyrian cure for perfect health
Coin with the King Gentius of Illyria 

 Gentiana Lutea, the name of this plant comes from the King of Illyria, Gentius, whose Empire is the cradle of the Illyrians.

It is a bitter herb that comes from the yellow plant with the botanical name Gentiana lutea. Is a species of gentian native to the Illyrian mountains of central and southern Europe. It is also known as 'yellow gentian', 'bitter root', 'bitterwort', 'centiyane' and 'genciana'.

It is located in the Albanian mountains and on the slopes rising above 1000 meters.

Gentiana Lutea in Shkodra
Gentiana Lutea 
The Illyrians were the first to use this plant to lower the body temperature and heal a range of health problems.

The Gentian roots are collected in Spring or Autumn from plants over two years old.

Gentian's roots are legally protected in many countries around the world, where their collection is entirely prohibited.

However in Albania, these wild plants are easily accesible to man.

As we said above, Gentiana originated in ancient Illyria.

This Albanian plant has found its way around the world, and has even blown up to China, which has now become the largest producer of this plant world-wide.

This Albanian pride is used in many ways:

The most originals are seen in the North of the country that is geographically the birthplace of Gentiana.

In Koplik and Kelmend, the roots of this plant are sold for 300 lek per kilogram.

Domestic farmers collect hundreds of pounds of roots per year.

The most popular use of the plant is the active ingredient of rakia of sanza, a traditional Shkodra Koplik drink that costs 600 lek per liter.

Gentiana is also found in Theth, Bogë, in the Highlands over Shkodra, in Vuthaj and Guci, in natural mountainous lands.

Gentiana or sanza is a significant activity for mountain area residents, who then submit it to firms that deal with the export of this medicinal plants to international markets.

Rrok Bunjaj is one of the most passionate about sanza and tells that he has turned his workshop into Tamar of Kelmendi on a small artisanal base where special recipes contain the gentian of the surrounding mountains.

"This plant has not only historical values but also unconventional and powerful potentials for the organism," he told to AgroWeb.

Gentiana is an important element of beverage production known as "bitter", even in the past it has been used for the production of beer.

Plant root ingredients have a bitter element known as gentianine, gentiamarine and gencetine, essential oils such as carvacrol, limonene and linalool.

Moreover they contain aminoacids, minerals such as aluminum, calcium, chromium, cobalt, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and sodium.

Gentian's roots are rich in pectin, fiber, vitamins and proteins.

The use of gentian's roots in medicine

Gentiana is one of the best cure for stomach problems. It is recommended to be consumed as a tea.

If you have a weak stomach, this plant helps you with digestion by speeding up the process and preventing problems arising from digestion.

Put 3 grams of gentiane root in one liter of cold water for four hours. Every day, before each meal, drink a cup of this water.

Lack of appetite. This is caused by various causes, personal problems, weakness and anorexia.

This symptom is resolved by the consumption of Gentian roots powder dissolved in cold water for 4 to 5 hours. advises you to dissolve 15 grams of dried flowers with 15 grams of dried orange peel in white wine for 10 days.

Filter it and drink one glass before meals.

Stomachache. Excess gas in the stomach that is treated by poor digestion can be solved thanks to this plant.

You should put 1.5 grams of Gentian root powder in a glass of water for four hours.

You have to do this for several days.

For the liver and throat

Liver. Gentiana can be used to help the liver and help the body function when the body is in trouble.

Use of this plant prevents jaundice, fluid accumulation, fatigue, and so on. Disolve  Gentiana root in water for several days. suggests you should drain well and mix the fluid with 400 grams of honey. Drink a little every day

Thyroiditis. Gentiana has some ingredients that help in the production of thyroid hormones. 0.2% of Gentiana's root should be dissolved in water for several days.

Drain well and mix the juice with 400 grams of honey. Drink a little every day.

According to experts' research, the plant is used as a blood cleanser. Removes toxins and impurities from the bloodstream.

It suffice half a tablespoon of dry roots in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Drain well and consume two cups per day.
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