Tirana Triathlon Race for the first time at Farka Park

 Farka Lake is transformed today into the host of the first Triathlon Race of Tirana, a sport that includes three most popular and practiced sports disciplines in a single race: swimming, cycling, running. The contest was attended by professional and amateur sportsmen, but Jelena Tomasevic was the first female to win, while for men Strahinja Trakic.

At its launch, the head of the Municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, welcomed the participants and many citizens and fans coming to Farka Park to see the race, who thanks to the investment of the municipality becomed a fun destination for the weekend but also an excellent idea for outdoor sports activities.

"I am very happy that Lonely Planet ranked Tirana as one of the ten best cities to visit in Europe. This means that the work we have done together, not only the municipality, but the whole city with 1 million inhabitants, has increased the name of Tirana, which today is one of the ten most visited cities in Europe," Veliaj said.

While praising the organization of the first Triathlon race, the mayor said that this initiative will turn into a successful tradition, bringing many foreign visitors. "We have to admit that this is the the first time we are organising such an activity. When we organized the Marathon of Tirana, in the first race we had only 100 people. In the second race we had 2500 competitors only from abroad; it is only a matter of passing the first test of a professional race and next year we will have thousands who will probably come from different countries,"said Veliaj.

Tirana Triathlon is also a good opportunity to promote various sports, physical activity and promotion of the capital's tourist attractions, like the fantastic nature of Lake of Farka. Veliaj assured that very soon, the Farka Lake will turn into an attractive space for the citizens of Tirana to spend some hours of recreation near nature.

Meanwhile, racing sportsmen in Tirana Triathlon did the 750 meters swimming distances, 11 km of cycling and running for 4 km.
Tirana Triathlon winners:

First three places won by:

1. Strahinja Trakic
2. Luka Cupic
3. Dusan Tomasevic

For women:

Jelena Tomasevic
Zana Pavicevic
Meredith Himestra
Tirana Triathlon Race for the first time at Farka Park Tirana Triathlon Race for the first time at Farka Park Sunday, June 10, 2018 Rating: 5
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