Hundred Albanian families affected by blood feuds

 Albania has currently 704 families affected by blood feuds, of which 591 live in Albania, while 113 of them have left the country.

The study was conducted by the "New Generation" association with the help of police authorities and OSHEE in the 6 regions affected by this phenomenon: Shkodra, Kukës, Debar, Lezha, Tirana and Durrës.

Shkodra is most affected by the tragic phenomenon with 156 families in blood feuds, of which 17 are isolated, 47 families left Albania, and dozens of children abandoned the school and need psychosocial support. The city of Shkodra has 76 families in the blood feud, Vau i Dejes, 36, Malësi e Madhe 22, Puka 13 and Fushë-Arrëzi 9 families.

Hundred Albanian families affected by blood feuds

The second most affected region is Lezha with 102 families in blood feuds, 6 of which are isolated, 33 have left Albania. In this district, Laç has 21 families in blood feud, Lezha has less, Zejmeni, Shënkolli, Rubiku, Kacinari, and 15 other units. Then is Dibra with 89 families in the blood feud, but most of them are in Burrel, Bulqiza, and Klos. In the Kukes Region are 87 families in blood feuds, Durrës 86 and Tirana 68.

The capital and Durres have become homes for families from other regions. In Tirana most of the units are located in Paskuqani, Bathore.

The blood feud in Tirana has come due to the demographic movement of the population, from north and north-eastern areas, where many families also bring the drama of the blood. The families isolate themself at home because of the fear of the killer; Kukes has 3 confined families, 6 are in Lezha, 6 in Durrës, and even in Tirana are 5 families affected by blood feuds.

Blood feud reconciliations are very difficult and even these often turn to bloody. The main ways to avoid the risk is to leave outside Albania or other areas within the country.
Hundred Albanian families affected by blood feuds Hundred Albanian families affected by blood feuds Tuesday, June 12, 2018 Rating: 5
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