Albanian Government ready to build Refugee Camps

Rovena Voda

 For several days there is a debade in Albania about the housing of the refugees, but in reality Albania does not yet have any official requests from the European Union, although Government rumors express readiness. The Vice-Interior Minister Rovena Voda has confirmed to media that until now there has been not an official request for Albania by EU countries.

Voda said: Albania has no notification from EU countries or from the European Commission on the establishment of asylum centers."

If such a thing is required, the Albanian government will make such a decision. Albania has all the capacity to host and handle such immigrants. "Whereas, referring to the EU's domestic resources, the prestigious international media write that the selection of Albania or Macedonia is done to discourage migrants, as they move to member states it will be more difficult.

Since January about 2300 illegal immigrants have entered in Albania.

This prompted to be the main theme in the meeting of Rama with the Austrian Chencellor Sebastian Kurz, though Kurz promised financial support to Albania in tackling this issue.
Albanian Government ready to build Refugee Camps Albanian Government ready to build Refugee Camps Tuesday, June 12, 2018 Rating: 5
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