US and EU Ambassadors, Donald Lu and Romana Vlahutin to leave Albania

Donald Lu and Romana Vlahutin
Donald Lu and Romana Vlahutin in the Albanian Parliament

  US Ambassador to Albania, Donald Lu, will leave our country after his mandate expires this year.

Maybe it's too early to figure out who might replace him, but it's safe to say where Lu will go after his mission in Albania.

The White House has uploaded on its website information explaining that has been sent to Senate a list of 7 definitions and a retraction at diplomatic level.

Thus, the information provided by the White House states:

The man who led the diplomatic mission of the United States of America to Albania would now be the Ambassador of the All-Powerful of America in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan."

Lu will be remembered as the most influential ambassador in politics, turning him into an important factor, especially when it comes to judicial reform. Should also be mentioned that so far US Departament has publicaly banned two Albanian officials who were denied the access to US and this is the first precedent for US.

On the other hand, the actual EU Ambassador in Albania, Romana Vlahutin will leave and be replaced by Luigi Soreca.

An Italian will represent in Tirana the presence of the European Union.

He is Luigi Soreca, an important European Commission official in Brussels that will come to Tirana.

Soreca will replace Romana Vlahutin, the Croat criticized most recently by the Albanian opposition.

Who is Luigi Soreca

Soreca is Director of Security at DG HOME.

Its Directorate contributes to the Union's objective of providing a high level of security for European citizens and consequently in the area of justice, freedom and security.

Luigi Soreca
Luigi Soreca
He and his team have the task of implementing the European agenda for security, defining and developing activities from best practices in legislation, fighting terrorism, organized crime, corruption and other serious crimes, promoting the cooperation in the implementation of law at European level, with the assistance of EUROPOL and CEPOL.

The Directorate is also responsible for the development of anti-drugs policies, with the assistance of the EMCDDA.

Soreca has given law lectures at L.U.I.S.S. University in Rome and worked for the Italian Interior Ministry for six years before joining the Commission in 1998. He is fluent in Italian, French, English and Spanish.
US and EU Ambassadors, Donald Lu and Romana Vlahutin to leave Albania US and EU Ambassadors, Donald Lu and Romana Vlahutin to leave Albania Friday, May 25, 2018 Rating: 5
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