Greek media: Albania will become Greater, Greece will be Halved

Greek media: Albania will become Greater, Greece will be Halved

 The Greek journalist and former politician Kyriakos Velopoulos on his show 'Kondra & Riksi' has warned that the US has begun implementing the plan for the destruction of Greeks and the Middle East.

In his show, he says that Albania is very fond of America and will benefit by getting merged with Kosovo, Skopje and Epirus.

He claims that Macedonia will also become bigger with Thessaloniki as capital. According to him, the plan will continue in the Middle East where Turkey will be halved as Kurdistan will emerge as an independent state.

Velopoulos adds that the US has launched this plan since 1999 when they bombed the former Yugoslavia.

Here some translated parts of the video:

I want to tell you what's happening on our planet. The US is seeking to change borders in the Balkans and the Middle East. They are interested in this change of boundaries and I will explain why.

All started on March 24, 1999, when NATO bombed Serbia, that is, the former Yugoslavia. Then the American plan began to move the stones in the region. Today, the US is the same as Hitler in 1939. They are planning the borders in Europe, the Middle East and European Asia.

The Hitler from 1937 to 1938 planned the Nazi Germany dispersion stages in Europe and the Middle East. If you remember the story, Hitler, before making the Barbarosa operation, had the Marita plan. His plan was the Balkans.

Today the Americans, seeing the risks coming from China and Russia, have targeted the Balkans and the Middle East. Their goal is China, that is their biggest fear. China is the largest in the population, has more technology and has a lot of money, this makes it superpower. If Putin and Russia go back to the US, the game ends and wins America. China is over.

But their big move will be in 2025. This is what Bush said, predicting that when the Americans stand firm, they will see what states are with them. I do not believe that the EU will come to save us, telling us to accept the name 'Macedonia' because we will fix things later. We suffered with Albania, we accepted them and now they ask for Chameria.

In 2007, an American named Reters, sketched out the New World. So this world would be in the Balkans and in the Middle East?

Map number 1:

This is a map of the Middle East before the major events. Look at how will be arranged with the American plan.

Map number 2:

This map exists since 2007. This will be done until 2020-2021, the Middle East. Turkey will shrink after losing Kurdistan. Jordan is enlarged. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran are reduced. Pakistan is about to end. Balukistan state will be established. Middle East will be in small pieces.

In the Balkans, they are tapping Albania. They want Great Albania. They want Kosovo, Skopje and Epirus to join Albania. Albanians, are one of the most pro-American peoples in the world. Albania is also the transit country of Afghan drug. So America needs to distribute drugs in Europe to end the old continent.

After we accept the Macedonia's name and the dissolution of Skopje, the Macedonians will go down to Northern Greece, so will become Greater Macedonia with the capital of Thessaloniki. As Ukraine collapsed, the same way will happened with Greece. So we will have the half of today's Greece, Even Crete will become independent.
Greek media: Albania will become Greater, Greece will be Halved Greek media: Albania will become Greater, Greece will be Halved Sunday, May 13, 2018 Rating: 5
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