Unique teas of Albanian Mountains

Unique teas of Albanian Mountains

 They are the treasures of the mountains of Albania. Unique taste and values that regenerate and vitalize the body.

There are three unique teas that Albania has luck to have: Mountain Tea, Re Oregano and Sage.

Mountain tea (Çaji i Malit)

Albanian Mountain tea is obtained from the leaves of the plant  Sideritis Raeseri. This herbal tea of the mountains of Albania has been consumed for centuries thanks to its health values.

Mountain tea is naturally free of caffeine. Researchers have discovered that mountain tea extracts can lower blood pressure levels and calm the blood vessels.

Studies also confirmed the positive role of this plant for heart health. Inflammation and toxicity decrease after a long period as a result of the protective capabilities of the Albanian Mountain tea.

Red Oregano

The Red Oregano is renowned as the rarest and extraordinary values. Its special feature is that when it comes into contact with hot water, the aroma it emits is unique and does not compare to ordinary oranges.

Studies have shown that in one gram of red oregano is found 42 grams more antioxidants that in a gram of apple, 30 times more antioxidants than in one gram of potatoes, 12 times more than in one gram of orange and 4 times more than blueberries.

Both of oregano varieties are rich in iron, manganese and other important minerals to human health.

Oregano tea or alpine tea helps against cold, virozis, temperature, lack of digestion, stomach problems etc.

Sage (Sherebela)

In Albania, the sage is a very important culture.

Nature has blessed us with this endemic medicinal plant, having it abundantly in the area of Malesia e Madhe, as much as we export it to many countries of the world.

Sage tea is therefore a powerful source of antioxidants, which according to studies helps to keep away the devastating effects of free radicals.

The phenolic ingredients of the sage provide antioxidant values that protect DNA from damage.

The antioxidant effects of sage tea improve liver functions, helps reduce anxiety and improve humor.

Sage tea is very good for lowering temperature and for the cold, sore throat, headache and digestive problems.

Prepare a warm or cold magical tea

Preparation of this tea requires the use of whole flowers, stalks and leaves of the whole plant.

You need 2-3 short Mountain Tea stalks of about 3-4 cm, 5-6 sage leaves and half spoon of powdered red oregano, or 5-6 dried leaves of the plant.

Place in hot water allowing the juice to boil for 5 to 10 minutes.

The taste of this tea is earthy, but if you use the flowers, you will feel the smell of them.

You may add as desired, honey, milk or lemon.
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