Students from New York to visit Albania

 About 60 students from a New York high school will be in Albania these days to get acquainted with the people and the culture of the country. The Thornton-Donovan school students in New Rochelle are prepared for this trip and have learned a bit about the culture, language, history and geography of Albania.

For many Thornton-Donovan students this trip will be unforgettable.

"Many people do not understand when talking about Albania. But this is a very dynamic place, especially from the point of view of music." says Liam Gorbutt to Voice of Albania, a Thornton-Donovan school student.

Music teacher Alan Goodman believes this will be an interesting journey. Students have learned some songs, Albanian or of other countries.

Students from New York to visit Albania

"We can interpret these songs in the hotel lobby, maybe we can play something spontaneously on the street, maybe in the square, because every city has a main square." Goodman says.

The Thornton-Donovan school resembles a residential complex. That's a reason, says its director, Douglas Fleming, an energetic man who will travel with students in Albania.

"The home is the place where we are most happy than anywhere. At home we feel more comfortable. Homes are a source of harmony. "

The education in America was born in ordinary homes and this school preserves this tradition.

The school chooses a given theme every year. For this year the theme is Albania.

"By doing this, we understand how to solve each country's problems in different ways. Sometimes we think our way is the best, but the more we travel we realize that people either have chosen our way or have found their way before we find it," says Fleming.

Mr. Fleming tells proudly us about the classrooms scattered across five buildings. It is easy to understand the importance this school gives to studying other cultures.

Almira Bubesi from Albania teaches here for 20 years:

"This year I give the history of Albanian architecture and the Balkans, I also teach the art history covering Albania and the Balkans and a subject that is related to fashion history: the Albanian clothing tradition and the new Albanian fashion".

After learning, Almira also gives Albanian language for those who want to learn it.

Katie Mason is one of those who learn Albanian.

"I am very excited because I will be familiar with a completely different culture. Along with four others we have learned a bit Albanian, like ordering in the restaurant, little by culture and geography. So I'm excited to see everything with my eyes." says Katie.
Students from New York to visit Albania Students from New York to visit Albania Sunday, April 22, 2018 Rating: 5
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