Orikum increases the interest of foreigners; documentary film of Swiss RTS

 Archaeological excavations in Orikum continue to have a great impact and interest for local visitors, but especially for foreigners. These excavations show stories and values, perhaps some unknown to the history of our country.

Foreign tourists and expeditions visiting these archaeological sites are increasingly interested in them and will soon be preparing a documentary film by Swiss Radio and Television RTS over the archaeological excavations at the Orikum Archaeological Park and the many years of work of the Albanian-Swiss archaeological project on this extraordinary site.

This documentary film will have a significant impact on the promotion of the Archaeological Park of Orikum and the cultural heritage of the area in the French-speaking world.

The ancient city of Orikum lies on the southwest coast of the Gulf of the same name at the foot of the Karaburun Peninsula. The archaeological site is located on a low rocky hill at the end of a wooden scaffold dividing a small laggon (Pasha-Limani).

The visitor can also see many cult objects in the city of Orikum, or other works of historical and cultural value. A special cultural monument is the Church of Marmiro.

It is located at the end of Karaburun peninsula, where it joins the Dukat Valley, is a lonely cult building, built on a hill near the sea shore.

It is a Byzantine Church whose construction dates back to XII century. The Marmirou Church, as the locals call it, has the narteks and three entrances from the North, West, and South.

In the eastern part of it is the apside that gets light from a small window. Cross-shaped dome churches are typical for monastery complexes. And in fact, the ruins of a chimney, a window and some niche imply that there might once have been a monastery.

The stone theater built in the 15th century. The 600 sq ft spectrum, it is thought that at the time of the flourishing of the city was used for theatrical performances and gladiatorial games. The existence of this theater carries not only historical and archaeological value, but also cultural values.

The Orikum Theater is the main monument discovered on the Paleokastra Hill. There can be seen the ancient stone stairs that lead to the Acropolis. Underneath there is a stone structure of 1.80 m wide, which is considered to be jetty for antique vessels. To go to Orikum's archaeological park you must follow the path that leads to the naval base of Pashaliman.

If we visit today's Orikum that in ancient times was known as Oriku, we will not only find a beautiful and relaxing nature, but we can also get to know the history of this land and its monumental works.
Orikum increases the interest of foreigners; documentary film of Swiss RTS Orikum increases the interest of foreigners; documentary film of Swiss RTS Saturday, April 07, 2018 Rating: 5
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