"Greece bargaining with Germany about Macedonia's name issue"

Greece bargaining with Germany about Macedonia's name issue

 As the name dispute resolution has come to an end, Greek media are writing about Greece's compromise with Germany.

The Greek newspaper "Ta Nea" has written that if the name agreement is reached, the pension cuts will be canceled for 6 months, and this would come as a "German gift" for Greece.

Analyzing what Greece would benefit from this promise received from Berlin, writes that this anti-crisis measure has already been voted and should come into force as of January 1 next year. This 6-month cancellation, according to Ta Nea, would fit to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his electoral plans.

The article seems to have caused many reactions, one of which came from the country's opposition, which has accused the Greek government of holding secret talks.

While from the Cipras cabinet say that "cruel, daily media reports" are unnecessary for comments."

On the other hand in Macedonia, the NATO National Coordinator, Stevo Pendarovski, stated that some of the Greek's current propositions were far from real.

"I want to believe that the current Greek approach was a talk tactics or strategy tactics and that they deliberately started for us with radical proposals to reach an acceptable and reasonable solution, not according to some perspectives that today can only be seen in the heads of 19th-century logic nationalists," continued Stevo Pendarovski.

We recall that the day before, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev confirmed that talks with Greece have remained open as there is progress on identity, citizenship and language. He even said that he was optimistic about the rapid closure of this issue.
"Greece bargaining with Germany about Macedonia's name issue" "Greece bargaining with Germany about Macedonia's name issue" Sunday, April 15, 2018 Rating: 5
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