First schools in Albania since 1258

First schools in Albania since 1258

 The city of Shkodra has always been one of the most educational and distinguished cities in terms of civic culture and art, Shkodra had schools since the 13th century. Evidence of the existence of these schools comes from the Franciscans' archives.

According to the scholars Sami Rrepishti, the first schools in Albanian is opened in the Northern Albania by the Catholic clerics. And it was in Ulcinj in 1258, in Durrës in 1278, in Shkodra in 1345 and 1359, in Tivar in 1349, in Pult in 1397, in Drisht 1396, and since the 15th to 19th century with other schools in Shkodra and Lezha and in many other cities.

According to the professor, the Albanian Catholic churches with the Franciscans on the first line held all the rites in our language, this is because the people frequented all their churches and assemblies willingly, participating massively in the masses, catechisms, ceremonies, celebrations of marriages , etc.

According to the data provided by Professor Lutfi Alia, the schools that were raised in Shkodra in 1416 were: the school of Santa Barbara, Sam Mercurio, Holy Cross, etc.

Such schools would then be opened in Kurbin, Plana, Blinisht and Zadrima.

In the Franciscan fathers' reports of the time is emphasized the great role that the Catholic church attaches to school and the need for education of Albanians .

Certainly that these schools were attended mostly by boys, but the Catholic would pay special attention to girls, opening in 1879 the elementary school for girls and respectively stigmatis sisters, where girls were taught basic culture and learned how to become good home ladies.

In 1882, the Franciscans opened a religious college that would serve all those Albanian students who wanted to become fret. Lessons were arranged according to the Austrian gymnasium program.

The schools will be opened year after year in 1908, when the Great Congress of Manastir will be held.

The natural question was: who invested in these schools. According to the professor, they were mainly funded by Austria-Hungary. And in fact it is right. Austro-Hungary has for centuries had a special interest for Albania, investing in schools, studying the Albanian language, and so on.

So from the statistics available to the Franciscans until 1911 Catholics have opened 47 Albanian schools, among them 10 girls schools. In 1933, at Zog's command, 74% of the Catholic religious schools were closed and in 1945 they were completely closed by the communist dictatorship.

Faik Konica, in his writings, would praise the great work of Catholic religious schools. He would write: "The Saverian College is kept to a high degree, and all those who have seen the schools of France and Europe can prove that Shkodra shcool was a "lady" based on work.

And precisely for these schools have given special contribution to Catholic clerics, such as Father Gjergj Fishta, Dom Ndre Mjeda, Father Justin Rrota, Don Ndoc Nikaj, Karl Gurakuqi, Mati Logoreci and others.
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