10 Wonderful Albanian Beaches of Adriatic Coast

10 Wonderful Albanian Beaches of Adriatic Coast

For a long time, Albania has remained an unknown destination from others.

With a Mediterranean view and being 'washed' by two seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic in a single coastline offers unimaginable places and wonderful beaches.

The beaches of northern Albania, washed by the Adriatic Sea, are sandy and shallow waters and are therefore the favorites for families with children.

There are natural lagoons and ecosystems, so this coast is very popular and remains preferred by tourists.

Let's see which are the 10 most beautiful beaches in Northern Albania.

1. Velipojë


Velipoja beach is the northernmost beach of the country, located 22 km from the city of Shkodra and is one of the favorite destinations for those who love the sea. Fourteen km of coastline is characterized by a beach rich in iodine. A place loved by those who want to practice water sports.

2. Shëngjini Beach

Shëngjini Beach

The beach of Shengjin is another sandy beach near the Lezha district, located 8 km from the historic city of Lezha. Known for its sand and the fact that here you will find the Sun in 300 days aof the year. A very populated area, especially in summer, the Shengjin area is known throughout Albania for both the sea and its famous cuisine.

3. Rana of Hedhun

Rana of Hedhun Beach

In the north of Shengjin, there is a wonderful beach called 'Rana e Hedhun', which is well protected from the winds of that area. This beach is called in this way because of its high hills overlooking the sea and covered with sand. The most practiced sport? Swipe on sand dunes!

4. Lalzi Bay

Lalzi Bay Beach

One of the most attractive beaches of the Albanian Adriatic coast is undoubtedly the Gulf of Lalzi in the north of Durres. Pure crystal water, fine sand and a dense pine forest make this place suitable for those who want to relax with the sea. The beach is only 25 kilometers from the capital of Tirana and is easily visited.

5. Rodoni Cape

Rodon Cape Beach

Rodon's Cape is a wonderful 7.5km natural masterpiece and is a great attraction for those who love diving. In recent years has become very touristic and is still maintaining his beauty.

6. Durrës Beach

Durrës Beach

The beach of Durrës, located only 39 km from Tirana, is the largest and most visited beach in the country. It is no coincidence that the coastline is always crowded, as it offers a great and fun cuisine. Sea depth increases gradually, which makes the beach safe for families and children. Durres is the second largest city in Albania and the main port of the country.

7. Currilat Beach

Currilat Beach

In the north of Durres, the beach of Currila is deeper and protected from the hot wind. Being very close to the main beach, offers many touristic attractions. It is a convenient place for families because it is very protected.

8. Golemi and Mali i Robit

Golemi and Mali i Robit

In the south of Durres there are Golemi and Mali Robi, who are close to each other. Here there are white sand and the crystalline sea. There are also some natural monuments, opportunities for walks, or fun with water sports.

9. Vlora Adriatic Sea Beach

Vlora Adriatic Sea Beach

Vlora is the second largest port in the country and is one of the Albanian tourism centers, but the beach has many tourist sites, especially because it is a center for those who want to dive into the small and rocky beaches of Vlora Bay or visit the port of Orikum.

10. Spille Beach

Spille Beach

Spille Beach is a true paradise of Albania. Closed between nature and pine trees, this beach near Durrës is one of the cleanest and closer to nature.
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