Opposition accused Prime Minister Rama of abusing with properties in Dhermi

 The opposition Democratic Party published several documents today, proving, according to iz, the involvment of Prime Minister Edi Rama in the maneuvers of property acquisition on the Albanian coast. An opposition representative said today that the development and construction permit documents on property stolen by Alket Hyseni prove that Edi Rama is at the helm of the mafia scheme for land plundering on the coast.

"The Democratic Party has two documents proving that Edi Rama is part of the mafia scheme for property robbery and explains why the Prime Minister has silenced so far for his deputy, Alket Hyseni. Edi Rama, with his signature, has twice ruled that in the lands at the seaside of the Bua family in Dhermi should be built, not taking into account the decision of the Court to suspend any action on the property "- said the deputy of Democratic Party, Enkelejd Alibeaj.

He stressed today at a press conference that Socialist MP Alket Hyseni has robbed 11 thousand square meters of land on the coast in cooperation with Prime Minister Edi Rama from the properties of the Bua family in Dhermi. At the time of granting construction and development permits the properties were suspended while the new lawmaker Alket Hyseni paradoxally was the head of the Office against Money Laundering.

"The first document shows that Edi Rama, as Chairman of the National Territorial Council signed the permit for the development of the tourist complex and a year later signed again for the granting of construction permit in this complex for his friend Gon Papuli and for his MP, Alket Hyseni. It is clear that Rama is the head of the mafia scheme of plundering the lands on the coast," said Mr. Alibeaj.
Socialist MP Alket Hyseni several years ago was the head of the Task Force to see the alienation of coastal properties from Vlora to Butrint, and according to the opposition, he did exactly the opposite of his duty, he by himself bought ALL 230 million an alienated property with falsified documents, knowing that the property was in Court process and that from 2015 until today the Vlora Court decided to suspend any action on that property.

But even after this Court decision, which is still in force, the property went from the first counterfeiter to the buyer Alket Hyseni, and from this to a builder, whom DP considers to be a friend of Rama, who issued for him theconstruction permits and the development of property of an early family.

The government decided to suspend the coastal property transactions after detecting several violations that were discovered in Kavajë, Rrogozhinë and Lezha, for which they were carried out a series of arrests.

Authorities said they have some investigative issues with abuses at the seaside, where it is believed to be an elite tourism, while the early inhabitants of those provinces are wandering in the Courts for nearly three decades.
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