Natural spas of Elbasan as health miracles

Natural spas of Elbasan as health miracles

 The thermal waters of Elbasan are among the most popular of Albania.

Elbasan is one of the few cities that has used by decades the thermal waters nearby, developing thus the health tourism.

Elbasan's thermal waters are known and are used since the Roman period.

Elbasani's liquids contain very hot sulfuric waters, which are created at depths of about 13,000 meters from the surface of the soil, at high pressure and temperatures, as a result of the hydrogenation of hydrogen with oxygen and other chemical substances.

Driven by high pressure of the gases, they emerge on the surface through the holes of the rocks.

The analyzes of these resources have been carried out by Czech engineers in the Communist period, they evidenced high therapeutic values.

Here are treated many diseases of rheumatism, respiratory tract, tension, skin etc. Elbasan's thermal waters have also cosmetic value.

The Spring is exactly the time when the massive attendance of these natural spas begins. They are frequented each year by thousands of patients but also by tourists.

Diseases that thermal waters in Elbasan may cure

Problems with rheumatism, dermatological problems, gynecological problems, bone and joint breakage problems and many others are treated in special sessions in Elbasan's spas.

Regarding rheumatism and bone problems, thermal waters have an extraordinary curative effect thanks to the salts they contain.

Baths provide excellent effect on orthopedic illnesses such as fractures from accidents, breakages etc.

In skin problems, the thermal waters of these baths give effects to problems such as eczema, acne, dermatitis, and so on.

Thermal waters also help relieve stress and nerve fatigue.

With regard to cosmetics, is known the theray with mud which cures the skin, softens it and makes it smooth.

Defining the cures

Any person referring to Elbasan Spa for medical reasons is undergoing a medical examination, after which the doctor determines the course to be followed.

Each patient has a medical card in which all their health parameters are fixed and is followed throughout the course by health personnel.

Elbasan's thermal baths operate in many diseases in children over the age of 14, young and old.

But these spas should not be frequented only by people who have health problems. They can also be used to keep the body in shape as well.
Natural spas of Elbasan as health miracles Natural spas of Elbasan as health miracles Wednesday, March 21, 2018 Rating: 5
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