Kammenos sends Greek soldiers of Albanian origin in the border line with Turkey

 The situation has been very tense between Greece and Turkey in recent months with constant problems in the sea, air and land.

Greeks and Turks have not yet have an agreement for some Aegean islands, while the domestic problems of both governments give even more impetus to artificially increase the tensions.

Yesterday, Turkish border guards arrested members of the Greek army in the border area between the two countries on the Evros River (Turks call it 'Merić'). Apparently it is a common event that has previously been resolved within a few hours, but this time the situation changes.

Albeu.com contacted this morning some Albanian boys serving in the Greek Army, just in the border area with Turkey where the incident occurred, getting preliminary information that one of the arrested soldiers was suspected to be of Albanian origin, which then resulted to be untrue .

It seems unbelievable, but Albanians are those who are protecting Greeks from Turkish danger, and this is not happening at random.

That's because we learned that 40 percent of soldiers in the area between Turkey and Greece are exactly boys of Albanian families who have migrated to the Hellenic state years ago.

"Here we are, at the border with Turkey, in Evros, we are 40 percent Albanians. Greeks have friends and stays in Athens, and they bring us to the border with Turkey at the height of tensions. As I have learned here, this is the policy of Minister Panos Kammenos, who runs a nationalist party and has targeted all Albanians who have Greek passports", - recounts for Albeu.com an Albanian young man serving in the Greek Army.

"Recently, the situation has worsened a lot. When the Turkis ship collided with the Greek ship (a Turkish ship hit the Greek ship in the islands of Imia sh.r) they sent us every day with tanks, rockets and heavy weapons at the borderline. "

"We are well treated here at the border line, but 95 percent of Albanians who are part of the Greek army are sent to serve at the border with Turkey," he continues.

It is learned that the last of the new recruits sent to the border area consisted of 8 Albanians and only 4 Greeks.

Albanians make up a considerable number in the Greek army, for which the situation has deteriorated with Panos Kamenos's arrival at the helm of the Ministry of Defense.

By recruiting them, they are sent to the most problematic area of Greece, just in a time when the Greek-Turkish border where the risk of any conflict is too great with the increasing of tones by official Ankara.
Kammenos sends Greek soldiers of Albanian origin in the border line with Turkey Kammenos sends Greek soldiers of Albanian origin in the border line with Turkey Saturday, March 03, 2018 Rating: 5
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