German students protests after their Albanian classmates expelled in Kosovo

German students protests after their Albanian classmates expelled in Kosovo

 At the night between 13 and 14 March of this year, two students of the "Falkschule" school in the district of Frankfurt Bockenheim were expelled to Kosovo. Their classmates and friends have started the protests.

Loudly, students and teachers of the "Falkschule" school attracted the attention of the public on Thursday afternoon in front of municipal bodies at Kleyerstrasse in Bockenheim. Seventh grade students held banners, chanting in chorus: "We are angry after the friendship is being stolen."

The reason for their anger is the deportation of their Albanian classmates, Elda and Ema Krasniqi. The family of the girls was expelled from the police to Kosovo.

Almost for three years in a row Elda and Emma have attended Falkschule school, according to Director Andrea Pohl, they have been fully integrated, reflecting the exemplary social stance.

"Now we are before the end of the school, maybe Elda can not finish it anymore. We are shocked and sad," said Amina, a 16-year-old classmate.

All school staff are shocked by their expulsion, writes the newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau.

There was no official warning for this action. "We only received this news from our students," continued the director.

In an e-mail sent by Elda to the newspaper in question, it is said that the Kosovar family came in GErmany in January 2015 in search of a job. Her father, Shefki Krasniqi, found a job in Germany but was not equipped with a work permit.

The Director Pohl and school teachers, through a script, addressed to Sylvia Weber from the Department of Education, who asked her support so that the Krasniqi family could return to Germany again and the girls could complete the schooling.

But, the law values Kosovo as a country of safe origin. Jan Pasternack, a member of the Department of Education and Integration, said: "We learned about this case from the school directorate on Wednesday and we can not pronounce more concrete."

However, the Advisor Weber, in the near future will meet with the school staff regarding the case. "We must first examine the situation and then talk about opportunities," said Pasternack.

On behalf of her family, Elda thanked the students and teachers of Falkschule via e-mail.

For them it is a great fortune that they have come to such great support. She, her sister and their parents are hoping they will soon be able to return to Germany.

A German student who spoke to protesters on Thursday said: "Most people asked me if this action would change the course. But if you do not fight, you're lost."
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