Avocado, the new fruit tree of the Albanian gardens

Avocado, the new fruit tree of the Albanian gardens

 Avocado is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrition. Its growing popularity and broad use in warm-temperate countries have transformed avocado into a product that should not be missing in Albanian kitchen. 

Planting an avocado tree in the exterior is turning into a genuine culture for the Albanian gardeners, because this plant prefers warm temperatures and has a high sensitivity to frost. Even if you live in the colder areas of the country, AgroWeb.org will teach you how to sow and raise avocado in home conditions (in town or in the countryside) and reap the best health benefits that a fruit can give you. 

AgroWeb.org has inspected more than 3 experimental avocado parcels in the Vlora area, as well as in Tirana. It is about growers who are passionate about avocados and have decided to plant it for personal use, indicating that this fruit can grow quite well in Albania, especially in protected areas.

Warm ambient temperature, sunlight and proper care are essential if you want to sow avocado at home. Its growth is a fairly good presentation way with this organic fruit for you and your family. The avocado tree has different sizes, from the smallest to the tallest. The trees have fragile branches that can be easily damaged by the wind and the whole plant is very sensitive to cold. The thick leaves with perfect white, ivory or yellow flowers offer a beautiful landscape for the eyes and mind.

Large-flowered fruits have a greenish or almost black skin. Avocado seedlings are found in nurseries or fruit trees, which also work on special orders.

How to Plant Avocado Tree 

Choose a well-lit place. The location should be on the south side of the house or in a specially designed greenhouse to protect it from wind and frost. Be generous with organic manure and keep the soil well nourished. Offer to the avocado a fine ground and use sand and pebble to improve drainage. Moreover, make sure the avocado will have the necessary space - 3-4 meters away from the building and 10 meters from the other trees. If you prefer, you can choose a short tree. Proper planting is half of the work but does not end there. You need to ensure continuous and complete irrigation until the plant blossoms fully. Full fertilization from February to September brings plenty of good to the plants. Use ammonium sulphate during this period. In the first year of planting, feed the half-cup with sulfate and then increase the dose in a full cup. When the tree is two years old, you can throw up to two cups each month. The avocado tree does not need to be pruned except when you need to remove the dry branches. If you want you can pare the avocado but just to maintain its size. Avocado is a tree that requires patience because you can only wait for the first fruits after a few years.
Avocado, the new fruit tree of the Albanian gardens Avocado, the new fruit tree of the Albanian gardens Monday, March 12, 2018 Rating: 5
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