Serbian Historian, Rade Mihaljčić: Albanians are the oldest people of Balkans

Cover of the book of History of Rade Mihajlcic
Cover of the book of History of Rade Mihaljčić

 "The old Slovenians on the Balkan Peninsula were welcomed by local Illyrians who later dispersed in several tribes, of which one of them survived, and in the 20th century the peoples of Western Europe called them Albanians", so writes in his book of History for students of sixth grade of Serbian elementary school, the Serbian historian Rade Mihaljčić, in this way claims that the Albanians are the oldest people of the Balkan Peninsula.

In the book, specifically in the lessons "South of Slovenia and its predecessors", among others, it is stated:

"The old Albanians are from the Illyrians, romanized to a small extent, and they are the only ones who preserved the language, customs, and other ethnic characteristics with which the Slovenes, Greeks and other peoples were mingled."

Rade Mihaljčić
Rade Mihaljčić
"After the Battles of Marica and Kosovo, the Turks continued invasions and over time threatened Albanian areas," writes the author Mihaljčić, whose book sparked much controversy in Serbia, and even is illicit at Serbian schools.
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