Ermal Meta: I want a concert in Albania

Ermal Meta: I want a concert in Albania

 It was one of the most fantastic news of the week we left behind, the victory of Ermal Meta of Sanremo festival. The boy from Albania managed to get the trophy of a festival, which was always super-attended by Albanians, perhaps of an elder. We found an inverview made last summer for the journalist of the show "No Filter" program of Jona Spahiu, who went to Milan to meet Ermal.

The interview is very interesting, as Ermali reveals unknown details about his life. It was the time he had won the third place in the Sanremo Youth and then the third place in Big Singers.

And yet, his success in Italy was extraordinary. Ermal Meta confessed to having 900 live concerts across Italy and everywhere was expected extremely well. Asked by the journalist about his creativity, the singer recounts that his creations came when he is spiritually disturbed.

Those moments inspire him more. Also, he shows with his eyes that glitter for his girlfriend. Although discreet about the relationship with Silvia, the renowned journalist in Italy, he confessed to Jona that the person to whom he first shows his creations is she, and even he wakes her up at 4 in the morning to listen to his songs .

Asked about Albania, Ermali recounts that preserves the most beautiful memories from childhood in Albania. He even supersedes when he shows that he has composed some songs that have Albanian lyrics and that he is willing to come and give a concert in Albania.

Ermali allures you in the interview with his modesty and at the same time with the greatness of the dimension of a genius artist who has not rush to be immediately part of the scene and seek success himself as a person.

"The first time I went to the stage was when I was stage technician for a concert of a famous band - Ermali recounts. Then I made texts and music for many famous singers. After singing for many years with a band, I decided to look for success as a soloist. "

One of the most interesting details of his is the relationship he has with the instruments. "I've always played piano. I can not hang on piano, I feel is necessary. Once I broke my leg and could not play, I asked a friend to teach me the guitar. And now I play piano and guitar," he says.

Everything in that sincere confession spoke of a success that would only recognize growth as it actually did. A few months later, Ermal Meta won the most important award for Italian music, Sanremo. Now on his Facebook page and Instgram, he tells about his tour where he is launching his new album. Practically, he is every day at a concert in different countries. And we wish successes to this talented Albanian boy who, at last, is reaping the fruits of a long and persistent work.
Ermal Meta: I want a concert in Albania Ermal Meta: I want a concert in Albania Tuesday, February 20, 2018 Rating: 5
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