Security cameras become mandatory for businesses in Tirana

Security cameras become mandatory for businesses in Tirana

 Tirana police will undertake a series of intensive controls in the capital over the implementation of the law on security cameras, a law aimed at enhancing security in areas with high public density for the enterprises and areas with higher risk of criminality

1,800 ventures were reported to have to set up security cameras within a 60-day deadline. This deadline has now been completed, and with the launch of the new year the controls of the Tirana Police will begin to see how enforceable the law is. If there are no cameras located then businesses risk up a fine to  100,000 Leks, and if they repeat up the fine goes to 300,000 Leks.

Tirana police built up a complete panorama of ventures and areas where security cameras should be placed about two months ago has. There were estimated 1,800 businesses that were notified by police that they should put security cameras in their premises. On December 28, the deadline by Tirana Police has ended. The police have set up a working group to check in 1,800 businesses in question.

Businesses affected by the law are second-tier Banks, fuel stations, businesses with annual turnover over 1,000,000 Leks. Also on this list are businesses with over 50 employees, kindergartens, schools, public squares, which should be equipped with cameras from the respective administrative unit.

Also, urban buses, where often theft occur or banal conflicts, ending with injuries. Businesses that will be found within the legal standards will be equipped with a security certificate, which will allow the police to have its simpler monitoring work.

The law in question aims to increase security and also a greater monitoring by the Police. The law also envisages the format and quality with which security cameras should be placed. The law was drafted in cooperation with civil society at the request of the Ministry of Interior. The law adopted by the Assembly in 2016 has been enriched with two guidelines.

The first instruction published in the Official Gazette is the one for the establishment of the Complaints Review Commission at the State Police Directorate.

The Complaints Review Commission has the competence to review complaints filed by public and private entities on the fines imposed by the State Police on these subjects for non-implementation of additional security measures by type of measure, depending on the activity that perform and evaluate the risk as well as for the removal of the "Security Certification".

Referring to the guidance, complaints from public and private entities are administered by the sector specialist to third parties.
Security cameras become mandatory for businesses in Tirana Security cameras become mandatory for businesses in Tirana Tuesday, January 02, 2018 Rating: 5
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