Mother puts her two children on sale, former husband reacts in Tirana

Esmeralda Ruko's two children
Esmeralda Ruko's two children

 Mother puts her 2 children on sale at her FB profile. She requires buyers and threatens that if she will not sell them, they will kill her. This unheard story shook social networks and shaked the public opinion.

Esmeralda Ruko from Fier published on her Facebook page a photo of her two children writing: "The children are on sale for economic reasons, they are of my husband, I'm divorced. But if I do not sell them, I'll kill them... " The posting of a woman currently living in Greece made the lap of networks and social media and caused a tremendous feedback. Mostly, the public condemned the mother of the children for her actions, regardless of the circumstances in which she claims to be.

The news also arrived at the woman's relatives in the village of Strum, Roskoveci, who thought it incredibly unbelievable for such news to be true. They raise doubts and questions about the fact that this mother was the author of this announcement.

Esmeralda Ruko post
Esmeralda Ruko's post

"I Do not believe it. I think this is made by his divorced husband," said Esmerald's uncle. Families say her ex-husband mistreated Esmeralda, and she was forced to go to divorce in 2016. According to them, after all this ugly story lies the ex-spouse.

"He beat him. Then she took the children and went tohe cousin in Tirana. The cousin kept her for about 3-4 months and told her to go. She had no place to go. She stayed on the streets, because she did not gave her home," added her uncle.

The former husband of Esmeralda, the father of two children, also reacted to the event. In a communication for 'News24' Ervin Dunga said Emseralda was the one who mistreated the children, not him. Among other things, he blames the former wife for having led him to depression because he does not allow him to meet the children since the divorce.
Mother puts her two children on sale, former husband reacts in Tirana Mother puts her two children on sale, former husband reacts in Tirana Friday, January 05, 2018 Rating: 5
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