Grandiose monument of Skanderbeg erected in Labinot Fushë

 A Scanderbeg of a size that you have never seen before.
The monument is being realized in Labinot Fushë 6 km South Elbasan.

Looks like something close to portraits of American presidents carved into the mountain.

The author of the giant work is the sculptor Fiqiri Kasa.

According to the data, Scanderbeg is commissioned by Gjergj Luca, Elbasan.

Grandiose monument of Skanderbeg is erected in Fushë Labinot

Everything seems to coincide with the 550th anniversary of Skanderbeg's death and the announcement of this year as Scanderbeg Year in Nationwide Lands.

In a brief interview with sculptor, learned some information about this portrait monument.

 Where is being built this monument ?

After studying the terrain, the place was located at the foot of the mountain near the tunnels in Labinot Fushe.

Is this your work or your order?

It is commissioned by Gjergj Luca.

Of what size will the monument be?

Will only be worked the iconography of our national hero, Gjergj Kastrioti, Skanderbeg. This monument will be 8 m high.

Which means the biggest in Albania and the Albanian lands?

Yes. as I know. It is the greatest of its kind in Albania and throughout the Albanian lands.

At what stage of the project you are?

Its structure is of metal and concrete. I'm working every day. It's not over yet. Simply so far has taken the form. But if things go well, I'll finish it in a few weeks.

Will the statue stay there?

Yes, there.

Do you have in the project monuments of other national figures?

So far I have realized some monuments with historical and national figures that are welcomed. I have some other projects in the near future.
Grandiose monument of Skanderbeg erected in Labinot Fushë Grandiose monument of Skanderbeg erected in Labinot Fushë Saturday, January 13, 2018 Rating: 5
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