Albanians lose $ 140 million each year in gambling

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 The more poorer people are, the more they hope to become rich as soon as possible. The connection between poverty and the tendency to play with lotus, gambling, casino, etc. is known all over the world. In America, for example, in poorer quarters gambling is played twice as much as normal quarters.

There is no exception to Albania, where the amount that residents spend on gambling increases every year. In 2016, the official casinos, lottery, bingo, lottery and lottery expenses were ALL 15.2 billion, or nearly $ 140 million, according to the data that "Monitor" magazine has processed from official declarations in the entity's revenue balance licensed by the Authority of Surveillance of Gambling.

Compared to a year ago, Albanians spending in search of fate increased by 15%, depreciating the government's "efforts" in 2013, to counteract against this phenomenon, through the "End of Foulness" action, or legislative changes to out casinos outside the city, but because of strong lobbying, deadlines are postponed continuously (2019). These are only official spending, as the highly regarded informality is not counted in this sector. A few months ago, the Supreme State Audit declared that 375 million of euros is the figure of missing revenues that have not been collected by the institutions responsible for the period 2014-2016.

From official declarations, electronic casinos resulted the category where Albanians try to prove their destiny, white or black choice, fruit games, slot machines, and so on. In subjects licensed by the Authority as electronic casinos, it turns out that $ 10 billion or $ 92 million was spent. The largest electronic casino in the country APEX - AL, followed by ADRIATIK GAME, ASTRA ALBANIA Sh.a, TOP START.

Then there were the spending on sports betting at about $ 30 million, while in 2016 was the European Championship.

Regency Casino has increased revenues by about 40% to  ALL 1.4 billion.

For lotteries and bingo, the costs are the lowest, at about $ 5-6 million.

But more than individuals who seek to strike life, luck smiles on companies that receive 30-50 percent of their income as profits and result as the most lucrative sector in the country. APEX is ranked in the top 10 companies in the country in terms of profits (ALL 1.3 billion), while it has a profit rate of 51%.

VLT Albania reported 450 million ALL profits, with a return rate of 42%. Regency International Casino Tirana's earnings doubled to ALL 445 million, with a profit rate of 31%.

Astra Albania reported profits of ALL 557 million, at a rate of 27%. The lowest rate reported the Adriatic Game, by 17%, while profits in absolute value reached ALL 353 million.
Albanians lose $ 140 million each year in gambling Albanians lose $ 140 million each year in gambling Saturday, January 06, 2018 Rating: 5
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