Albania world leader in producing medicinal herbs

The Albanian Sage plant
The Albanian Sage plant

  Albania is a leading player in international markets in a particular business sector.

With about 500 hectares of cultivated area of medicinal and aromatic plants, Albania is the leader in the production and exportation of these natural resources.

And if Nature gave to Albania wild plants, the cultivation of medicinal herbs in our country has started a few years ago.

The medical and aromatic plant sector generates about 18 million Euros of exports, listed as the second largest sector in agricultural exports.

According to data over a year Albania exports approximately 13,000 tons of medicinal plants worth of Euros 25,000,000. Export of medicinal herbs for 2013 accounted for 19% of the country's total exports.

Traditionally, Albania exports wild, raw medicinal plants that are exported to be treated and packaged abroad.

These processed plants are used in the food industry for herbal teas, in various food preparations, in the form of cooking pots, such as extracts for essential oils, or in the beverage industry, health products, cosmetics and perfumes.

The Albanian Sage Plant - The Queen of Medical Plants

Albania's pride is the the sage, known in Albanian as "Sherebela" and scientifically as "Salvia Officinalis", along with oregano, thymus and thyme which are exported abroad in large quantities.

The Albanian Sage is the queen of Albanian herbs. Albania is one of the main exporters of this plant in the United States.

According to the data, Albania covers 70% of the American market needs for this plant.

Albanian medical plants also supply French, German and Italian markets.

According to Mr. Xhevit Hysenaj, Representative of the Association of Essential Producers and Planters of Medicinal Plants, about 15% of the Albanian sage is re-exported from Germany, Turkey and other states.

Medicinal plants in Albania grow mainly in Great Hightland, Shkodra, Skrapar, Elbasan, Korça, Berat, Përmet and Durrës.

The northern part of the country is known for the production of high quality sage, while the central and southern part of the country is specialized in the production of oregano and thymus.

Problems encountered

The depopulation of rural areas, especially mountainous areas, as a consequence of the population movement towards cities has made regions with high potential for exploitation still intact.

Meanwhile, due to the need of consolidators to maintain constant quantities of products, other regions are used over capacity.

Lack of proper planting and planting practices often hurt products and affect their quality.

Often times the insufficient capacities in the drying facilities affect the reduction of quality the standards.

The increasing demand for medicinal and aromatic plants is a challenge for the manufacturing industry of these plants.
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