125 Albanian asylum seekers in France repatriated

125 Albanian asylum seekers in France repatriated

 Today at around 18:00, the French Migration and Integration Office organized the voluntary return of 125 Albanian citizens as their asylum applications in the French state is denied.

Their return was made through the Rinas airport, where was also present the Director of the Department for Border and Migration, Senior Director Aida Hajnaj.

In her speech, Hajnaj once again stressed the very good cooperation that the Albanian Police has with the EU migration offices and once again appealed to the Albanian asylum seekers' awareness and respect of the free movement rules in the Schengen area.

"The French Immigration and Integration Office accompanied today to Rinas Airport 125 Albanian citizens who have been denied asylum applications. The Albanian authorities are in constant, rigorous and correct cooperation with the French authorities and the authorities of other EU and Schengen countries, which have problems with asylum applications by Albanian citizens," Hanaj said.

Then cooperation between the parties consists in increasing and strengthening the exchange of information and the implementation of measures, in order to prevent this phenomenon.

Hanaj underlined that "Albanian citizens should be aware and understand that the only way to integrate into EU and Schengen countries is to respect the rules and principles of free movement".

"I also want to emphasize once again that during 2018, the Albanian Police has taken all the measures to prevent the asylum seeker phenomenon in EU and Schengen countries. All the border crossing points have been strengthened and are continuing to be implemented strictly and correctly the measures set for preventing this phenomenon," she stated.

Only this month there are a number of cases that have been hit for forged documents, who wanted to cross the border to seek asylum in EU and Schengen countries.
125 Albanian asylum seekers in France repatriated 125 Albanian asylum seekers in France repatriated Monday, January 22, 2018 Rating: 5
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