Yannoulatos: the ordinary Albanian is the true humankind


 The Archbishop of the Orthodox Church of Albania Anastasios Yannoulatos has given an interview for the Greek television Skai on Christmas Eve.

He spoke of harmony, stressing that religious freedom is complete and that the Constitution of Albania is probably the best in the world. Janullatos spoke about the great concern for the Greek minority in Albania.

"The biggest problem of Greeks in Albania is that the villages are empty, as they have left. The question is how those who were born and raised in these villages to develop their lives there. To escape from those places and start shouting that others hate us is an easy solution, but in fact this is not the truth," Yannoulatos said.

Regarding his relationship with Prime Minister Rama, the archbishop emphasized that there is constant communication with him. For some things he disagree with Rama, but according to the archbishop the dialogue is important. Regarding Himara and the property issue of the Greek minority, he underlines that this is a general issue in all Albania, not just Himara.

"It is a general matter, not only in Himara the state has not given the property to the owners. No more property for our church has been returned to us. Although we have official agreements with the state not yet granted, there are delays. The restitution of the property in Albania is a procedure through commissions and courts. Property issues are confusing. Himara is not a separate issue. The state has the right to make certain interventions, but property should be given to those who belong," Yannoulatos added.

Asked by the journalist about the relations between Tirana and Athens, the head of the Orthodox Church of ALbania gives this message:

"Greece is always a neighbor. Neighbors will always find themselve in difficult moments. People want these relationships to be reinforced and sincere. Not to be victims of tensions but to build bridges"- emphasized the Archbishop.

Yannoulatos also talked about the Greek crisis and the self-criticism that Greeks should do, as well as for the globalization of Islam. According to him, the truth must be seen as it is. In Albania, ordinary people are the people of justice and truth, Yannoulatos ends his word.
Yannoulatos: the ordinary Albanian is the true humankind Yannoulatos: the ordinary Albanian is the true humankind Thursday, December 21, 2017 Rating: 5
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