Civil Emergencies provide information on the situation from rainfall

Main roads flooded
Main roads flooded

 Due to the very high intensity of the rainfall, from some days Albania faces floods all over the place. The situation is very serious but fortunately until now no life is lost, except material damages.

The Civil Emergencies (CE), a structure within the Interior Ministry has provided important information on the rainfall and flooding situation all over the country by 8:00. According to the Civil Emergencies, the situation is expected to be aggravated and requires the citizens to avoid unnecessary moves.

CE: The situation in the country - 08:00 am, Friday.

Given the aggravated situation as a result of high intensity of rainfall during the last days and the days following the beginning of December, the Interior Ministry calls on citizens to avoid unnecessary movements and the circulation of vehicles in the road axes that pose a risk from the flood.

The Interior Ministry and all the structures that are working to manage this situation on the ground require the understanding of the citizens and their cooperation.

The Interior Ministry will notify the citizens about the areas and road axes that pose problems with the floods and requires their commitment to face solidarity in these difficult days with the rain.

Based on weather forecasts, an overwhelming rainfall situation is expected in the following hours and days, which may exceed normal levels.

The Civil Emergency and Crisis Coordination Committee calls on all citizens to take special care in this situation, paying particular attention to the following:

• Care for life remains a first-rate priority. Everybody should avoid as far as possible the travels in areas affected by rainfall, the position near the rivers and streams, the stand near the pillars or other high objects that could be hit by electrical discharges.

• Citizens residing close to river beds, near dams or areas that historically endangered by the floods, must increase life care and be willing to cooperate with civil emergency structures in case of need for temporary evacuation.

• It is required to avoid walking trips or in vehicles in the affected areas or at risk of flooding. A watercourse of about 20 centimeters in depth can crash a passer, while a 30 centimeter current can snatch your vehicle during the movement.

• Avoid at best the crossings of rivers with increased flow and strong currents.

• In case of unexpected water streams, you should quickly search and go to a high place.

• If the water level near your vehicle increases and stays the same level for some time, you should leave the vehicle to find a higher place. But do not forsake the vehicle to get into a strong water stream.

• Avoid parking in the vicinity of rivers or streams during heavy rainfall, as they can be flooded very quickly.

• Avoid stopping or parking on the roads that are on the edge of the rivers. Often the water can scratch the base of the road, making it risky.

• Keep the radio or television open for receiving notices that may be provided by the competent authorities.

• Keep communication tools, especially cell phones, in readiness for battery availability.

• Keep in-hand quick help, necessary medications, lighting tools, etc.

• Put in closed environments the furnitures or other utensils you normally carry out. Preferably place the utensils at high points inside the house to prevent flood damage.

• Disconnect as many electrical appliances from the network as possible and do not touch them if they are in moisture or under water.

• Be cautious of electric shocks that may come from the fall of the voltage wires in the water basins.

• Report to 112 or any other form of communication about any problems you may have.

Some roads blocked all over the country due to flooding.

As a consequence of the high rainfall intensity, the Kardhiq-Gjirokastra road axis is crossed with difficulty after water has come down the road to the point of Viro.

Axis Fusche Kruja-Lac, can be crossed with difficulty.

The highway in the direction of Tirana-Durres is passable, while from Durres to Tirana is still blocked.

Those who arrive in Tirana from Durres must circulate on the Durrës-Vorë-Rinas-Laknas-Kamza axis until a second notice.
Civil Emergencies provide information on the situation from rainfall Civil Emergencies provide information on the situation from rainfall Friday, December 01, 2017 Rating: 5
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