29-years old hit his father with hammer to death and thrown the body in Farka Lake

Selman Alija
Selman Alija

 A horror story occurred in Tirana two days ago.

According to preliminary information, Selman Alija, a 29-year-old resident in Shkoza, killed his father with initials F.A 74 years with a hammer and then through his body in the Farka Lake, Tirana.

The serious incident occurred in the Farka area in Tirana and the victim's body was found today by the divers.

According to the first information, a quarrel of trivial motives occurred among them, which later degenerated into a murder.

Farka Lake
Farka Lake

The police have received information about this serious crime and stopped the boy.

The lifeless body is pulled out today from the Farkha Lake.

They have been RENEA divers who at around 09:00 have taken the body out of the lake.

Notification of police:

A citizen is arrested for the criminal offense "Murder due to family circumstances".

The services of the Department for Investigation of Crimes against Life at the Tirana Local Police Directorate arrested in flagrant the citizen:

• Selman Alija, 29, resident in Shkoza.

His arrest is made due to the fact that on December 22, 2017, at around 20:00, in Shkoza, Tirana, within the courtyard of their home, after a conflict of weak motives, it is suspected that citizen Selman Alija, has hit with a hard stuff (a hammer) several times in the head, his father, A.F. citizen, 74, resident in Shkoza, Tirana, who, as a result of these strikes, has also found immediate death.

From the investigative actions carried out on this case, it resulted that the citizen Selman Alija after carrying out the actions he had committed, loaded his father, F. A., dead body in his Volksvagen car, and thrown the body of the victim into the Lake of Farka.

On the side of the Police Services, it was made possible to find the corpse and transport it to the premises of the Institute of Forensic Medicine for further actions.

Likewise, it was possible to find and seize the hammer, which is suspected of having committed this criminal offense.

The investigative materials in charge of citizen Selman Alija referred to the Prosecution for Serious Crimes in Tirana for the criminal offense of "Murder due to family circumstances" provided by the Article 79 / C of the Criminal Code.
29-years old hit his father with hammer to death and thrown the body in Farka Lake 29-years old hit his father with hammer to death and thrown the body in Farka Lake Sunday, December 24, 2017 Rating: 5
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