Tirana celebrates Independence's 105th anniversary, Veliaj raises symbolically the national flag

Veliaj raising the Albanian flag

 The capital of Albania, Tirana, celebrated today the 105th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, the date when Ismail Qemali and other patriots from all Albanian territories raised the flag in Vlora proclaiming Albania a sovereign and independent state.

In the "Skënderbej" square, symbolically paved and surrounded by rocks and trees from all Albanian areas, under the sounds of the National Anthem executed for the first time by about 60 guitarists, the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, the prefect of Tirana, Suzana Jahollari, the head of the Regional Council, Aldrin Dalipi, deputies, ministers, representatives of religious communities, war veterans and citizens of Tirana, took part in the ceremony of raising the National Flag.

In his speech, Mayor Veliaj said that this is undoubtedly the most beautiful day for all Albanians.

Veliaj speech in Albanian independece day

"This is undoubtedly the most beautiful day for all Albanians, wherever they live. It is a holy day for us all, a moment to remember of how many roads we traversed since that very day of 105 years ago, when the nation's fathers declared the independence of our Albania. November 28, 1912 is the crowning of a war and a long-standing effort to establish our Albanian state. But actually this was not the end of the road. The fathers of the nation who raised the flag in Vlora that day, the patriots who raised the flag of Albania in all major cities knew this very well. November 28 was just the beginning of a difficult challenge to take our Albania torn out by the wars and build a modern European country, "he said.

Veliaj stressed that such important days for Albania's history should serve today's generation to understand that the courage and sacrifice of our forefathers was for a better Albania and a secure future.

"I believe that November 28 is a day to remember and respect all those who fought for independence and who did their part to push Albania forward. But I'm sure if we had the opportunity today to ask any of those men and women who were lucky to be part of that day, the message they would give us is that November 28 is firstly a day to look forward, to be united and work hard towards the future as we dream and plan for the other 105 years of our state," added the head of the Municipality of Tirana.

Therefore, he stressed, the message that follows this day is that every generation, at any time, should give its contribution to Albania's project. "Albania is not just a homeland, it is not just our state. Albania is our common project. And I believe this is the most important message of the day. Albania is the common project for every generation to do its part, its task, its mission and to move the country forward. I believe you know the history of the "Skanderbeg" square. You know that this square was the longest infrastructure project of Albanians, which started in 1913 and ended just a few months ago in 2017, 104 years of work. It is a project that in many ways, in fact, reminds us of the history of Albania, how a generation a century ago gave birth to a project that was later inherited from generation to generation until is crowned successfully in 2017," Veliaj said.
Tirana celebrates Independence's 105th anniversary, Veliaj raises symbolically the national flag Tirana celebrates Independence's 105th anniversary, Veliaj raises symbolically the national flag Tuesday, November 28, 2017 Rating: 5
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