Inva Mula gets "Honorary Member" title in Canada

Inva Mula singing
Inva Mula performing on the halls of Ontario Parliament

 The world-famous Albanian soprano, Inva Mula, was a special guest of the annual ceremony on the occasion of the Albanian Heritage Month in Province.

The ceremony developed in one of the halls of the Ontario Parliament / Canada, conveyed beautiful emotions to all Albanians who enjoyed and applauded the soprano's performance.

The festive evening was moderated by the Canadian actress and singer Ana Golja who has been supporting the Albanian community even earlier.

The event was organized by the liberal parliamentary group in collaboration with the Canadian-Albanian Association (Toronto) and the leader of the heritage group, Ruki Kondaj. On this occasion the association honored with honorary tittle some members, among them was the soprano Inva Mula.

Last year, the Ontario parliament converted in law the proposal of a group of deputies to announce the November  as "Albanian Heritage Month".

The initiative came from the Canadian-Albanian Association of Toronto with the lobbying of Ms. Ruki Kondaj, today the honorary president of the association and with the special support of Liberal MPs Laura Albanese and Shafiq Qaddr.
Inva Mula gets "Honorary Member" title in Canada Inva Mula gets "Honorary Member" title in Canada Thursday, November 23, 2017 Rating: 5
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